Dying Off Stage – Mom ? – Repost from 5/2012

One of our mom’s sent the following question about the “dying off stage”.  Please be sure to comment below the post with your opinions!  This blog is not just about what I think!  Please!  And keep sending in your questions if you have them!  This blog is intended to help us all!

SCD Diet Mom wrote:

My son started his 6th week on tuesday. The d had gone away for the most part, with just a couple 1 time d.
Yesterday, hes went 3 times. Is this die off, or should we look further. I hate to be considering it die off each time.

I am going to answer this by what experience we had.  I remember that Justin seemed to be getting so much better and then one day he would be screaming on the toilet, and blood would be pouring out.  It was a disappointing set back at the time.  Looking back and from reading the book, it was the dying off stage.  Are you keeping a strict food diary?  I STRONGLY believe in doing this.  If there is a set back you can always go back and look to see if their was something new they ate, or look back the few times he has “d” and see if he ate the same thing everytime.  From keeping the diary, I was able to see and note that I needed to take Justin off of cauliflour at the beginning.  He can eat it now and it doesn’t bother  him.  Also on my food diaries I note when he has a BM and medications.  I think this is very important!!!  There is no way for me to tell you if this is the dying off stage or what is going on.  I encourage you to keep a journal of everything and keep strictly to your diet and do not give up hope!  And one day, your day will hopefully come that you will realize, it’s been a week, two weeks, a month with no side effects and see that you are on the road you were looking for!  And then you will find your answer and say, “Oh!  So that was the dying off stage they were talking about!”  When Justin was going through his dying off stage I was calling the doctor on call at 10:30 at night scared he was loosing too much blood.  And now looking back it was just the dying off stage.  Keep up your good work!  You will not regret it!!!


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