Advice needed from Mom Suzie B.

Please read below what Mom Suzie B. wrote. I hope lots of you that are following can give her some helpful advice! THANK YOU!!!

Hello ladies, it’s been a while since I posted. My name is Suzie B. and my daughter Rose is ten and struggling with healing. She is on 1500mg of Sulfasalazine. Her stool is well formed, but still (especially in the first morning poop) has blood lightly coating. We had her on balsalazide but that really messed her up. Now her esophagus is sensitive when she swallows (the past two mornings it has caused sympathetic pain between her shoulderblades). Can you ladies please recommend healing foods that are less likely to cause acidity. Or foods more gentle for her system she is still having a difficult time with fiber. Her doctor wants to us omerprazole (a PPI) to heal ulceration as well as having her swallow Mylanta or other antacids. Please give me your thoughts ladies. You women are amazing!!


One thought on “Advice needed from Mom Suzie B.

  1. Hi Suzie! I’m sure praying that your baby girl starts feeling better soon. In the meantime, when my son had pain associated with digestion like she is he was on a daily regime of the omerprazole. It really seemed to help and since he was also on other meds at the time from Humira to prednisone, it seemed to have little if any side effects. As far as foods, carrots and chicken soup have always been the easiest for him to eat during those times. I’m praying for you too, because it’s really hard on us moms too. I trust and believe she will be much better soon. Peace.

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