Bored With The Diet – Part II

I’m posting this based off of an update comment on post “Bored With The Diet” –

Mom ML wrote:
I wanted to post an update on this thread. After 6 months on the diet (and the end of the SCD diet study), and all his tests now coming back completely normal, my son’s GI doc at Stanford started coaching my son about weekly “cheats.” We decided to call them “splurges” because cheats sounds so critical Anyways, my son’s pretty diligent about the diet and has never cheated once. We were afraid to do the splurges because why mess with success? On the other hand, having that to look forward to each weekend helps my son mentally TREMENDOUSLY. Once a week he can feel like everybody else, go out to a restaurant, and just be a little freer. So we decided to try it and keep track of foods he eats and any symptoms after so we can see what’s tolerated and what isn’t.

Well no big surprise: Ice cream is a disaster. OK, no lactose. No matter how badly he wants ice cream, I will not be buying him any ever again.

Then we learned that our local restaurant will very kindly substitute parmesan and provolone instead of mozzarella on his pizza, and voila, no problems from that.

So far, he weathers these weekly splurges just fine. He can have rice and hoisin pork from a local take out place, the pizza with aged cheeses only.

We were afraid that weekly splurges would open pandora’s box and lead to more cheating. But so far, no. It probably helps that we all eat SCD in the house, so there’s nothing tempting him…

I know that everyone’s different and can tolerate different things, and I also think it’s probably easier for some personalities to deal with cheats and otherwise stay strict than others. I’m in no way advocating for this tactic. Just wanted to share where we are right now.

My thoughts:
Please see an old post from May, 2012, “After One Year – Trial and Error” ( on this topic. This was after Justin had been on the diet about 15 months. In the book “Breaking The Viscous Cycle” it mentions you could try adding some foods back after one – two years. I tried a little after the first year. Now that he has been on the diet 3 years now I have added other things back. My thoughts from having my son on the diet and from talking to other mom’s I would not try adding anything back until at least after one year. And I didn’t start really letting Justin have cheat meals until after 2 1/2 years. Whenever he did it earlier than that he would bleed and have cramping. I tried rice for one of his first things and he hurt and his bottom had boils so bad for a week he had to stay at home all week because he could not sit on his bottom. After talking to Lucy from Lucy’s Kitchen I learned that wheat/grains is the WORST thing to add back at all! A little bit of sugar here and there will not hurt. Learning about the little bit of sugar we started adding a store bought salad dressing and ketchup. Ice Cream did not work, even one with very few ingredients. Chocolate never seemed to bother him. He has been on the diet 3 years this month. A few months ago I started investigating the Paleo diet. It is very similar to SCD, but is not scientifically based my doctor said. I have tried adding things to his diet that are Paleo legal as well. He is doing great with these things. There’s not much, but he likes it. We did try sweet potatoes after one year and they have never bothered him. He can have sweet potato fries, baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, etc. We will let him have the grilled chicken at Chick-Fil-A and other selective fast food restaurants now that he has been on the diet so long. Justin has tried some things and had a bleeding/cramping spell which usually shows up 3-5 days after he eats something. I know one of the moms whose son was on the diet strictly for 2-3 years got off the diet because he was in high school and after two years off the diet he got sick with flare-ups again and is now back on the diet.
I know Mom Wendy says her son was so sick and the diet has been so great for him that he refuses to cheat on the diet. He remembers how bad he felt and realizes how the diet is helping him. Unfortunately my son was 10 when he was diagnosed and had a mild case and does not remember, so he wants to try new foods and be normal with his friends.
What do you think moms? What has your experience been?


2 thoughts on “Bored With The Diet – Part II

  1. I like the word splurges than cheats… I might have to adopt that.
    We have been on SCD for 2 years and like yourself we are all on SCD so no temptations at home. We do go out to eat about once every other week. We tend to be good but its not perfect. We tend to order grill fish or steak with grill veggies. We sometimes we have sauce but rarely as I know they are not “legal”. Our kids big splurge is the 1st of each month, the kids have 1 thing off the diet. They do get some stomach ache depending on what they have but no major flare up. My daughter who is the one that last year was cheating constantly at school and we were getting on major fights, now she only cheats with chocolate once a week with no issue.
    I think this method after such strict diet for so long gives them a reward for all their hard work, as we all know its not easy. I think over time that big monthly splurge will go away as they don’t always feel good with their choices. Fortunately for us, the symptoms have not been major yet.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Splurges! I like that! Help me remember to keep using that word, Gisele, instead of “cheating”! And we so have to remember how great our kids have done! This hasn’t been easy for them either!

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