Comments – FYI

Hello everyone! I’ve been told by some moms that they do receive my posts by email by following the blog, but when parents comment on a post they don’t see the comments unless they come directly to the website and look through each post. So when informative comments are made or when questions are made in the comments I try my best to get them posted so we can reach everyone and get everyone’s feedback. If I ever post something you have commented and you do not like it and want it removed, just let me know. Please remember you can email me at anytime if you want to share anything or have any questions! I thank you moms who comment and give us feedback! We would love to hear from more of you! We are all learning this together, there is something new to learn everyday, and we can all admit this is not easy. But we do all have one thing in common – we love our children!!! Keep up the great work!


Moms want to hear what you have to say!

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