SCD Yogurt Survey – Whole Milk or Half & Half?

One mom asked on a comment if you used whole milk or half and half for your yogurt? Do you use what you do to bump up the calories? I’m curious do you use what you do as a taste preference?

I presently use whole milk. I have used half and half, but my son liked the whole milk better. I’m curious to hear what you use and why? Calories? Flavor? Justin has said there was a different texture/consistancy.

I actually tried making my yogurt with coconut milk a couple of weeks ago. I wondered if the sweet coconut flavor would make it taste better. After being in the yogurt maker, the coconut milk had separated and a couple had molded on the top. So I don’t recommend this. Someone told me there was a yogurt recipe in Against All Grain cookbook using coconut milk, but the instructions sounded like it was too much trouble. I’ve thought about trying it. The instructions for the SCD legal yogurt sounded like alot of trouble when I first read them, too. And now after making it so many times, it’s like second nature! Who would have thought! Lol


2 thoughts on “SCD Yogurt Survey – Whole Milk or Half & Half?

  1. Hi moms! I’ve been using half and half to make yogurt for about two years now. I started with 2% milk, then went to half and half. I do think there’s a consistency and taste difference. Cameron likes to makes smoothies with frozen strawberries, pure SCD vanilla extract and honey. He really likes it frozen (like ice cream). I mix 1.5 quarts yogurt, about 2/3 – 1 cup honey with vanilla extract to taste with a hand mixer then pour into ice cream maker. Everyone LOVES it!! And Paige, thank you again for all you do to keep us encouraged and updated on different “happenings” in the SCD world!!

  2. Hi Wendy,

    It’s been a while, hope all is well with you and Cameron. Not sure if Paige told you, but looks like we are starting all over with SCD. Darn, I wish I had never stopped. Hope you don’t mind if I ask a few questions, I have forgotten so much…

    Do you use a particular half and half or can I use any brand?
    Also, Do you have Cameron on the SCD multi vitamin from Lucy’s, or another brand?

    thanks so much,

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