SCD Legal Honey

Mom ML brought up something great in a recent comment. I had read this a while back and started investigating it and it got too deep and I quit and forgot about it.

Mom ML wrote:
Sometimes even the legal list seems like a moving target. I’ve also read that sometimes honey, if you use that, is supplemented with non-honey if it’s imported … so it’s good to be cautious about your source for that, if you use it. Gosh, I sound so paranoid…

First of all I do not think you are being paranoid! And if you moms out there google “Imported Honey” and start reading you will agree. I remember after all of the things I read online that I find it safest and the only sure thing is to purchase local honey. I do currently use Sue Bee honey from Sam’s, but I used local honey the first couple of years Justin was on the diet. I do remember reading some scary things even about the Sue Bee honey I’m using. I might even do some more investigating and might change.

Thanks for bringing this up Mom ML. I had forgotten about it and think it’s important to mention so everyone can do your own investigating and be aware and decide what is best for your family.


One thought on “SCD Legal Honey

  1. I know you guys will think I’m crazy, but I literally prayed about what type of honey to use. Then one day when I was in the farmers market, I had this strong spiritual sense to look to my right and on the shelf was raw honey from Omega , GA AND it had a bible verse on it!!! I nearly lost it, but I bought that local raw honey and I haven’t looked back since. I actually even discussed honey with Ms. Lucy (of Lucy’s Kitchen Shop and SCD expert) and she said she recommends that you always/only use RAW HONEY (preferably local or at least from honeybees in your home state). So that’s what I’ve been using for about a year now. I really think it’s safest and best for my son and he even likes trying different “flavors” based on what trees/flowers the honeybees have pollenated. His favorite is Tupelo, then Clover. However, when it’s all said and done it is what you feel is the least processed and best for you. Stay healthy!!

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