Fecal Calprotectin Test? – Mom Jody Question

Mom Jody wrote:

Have any of you ever had a fecal calprotectin test done to test inflammation w/in the intestinal tract?

Thanks moms for your comments and help!


10 thoughts on “Fecal Calprotectin Test? – Mom Jody Question

  1. Hi Jody — Yes, my son had this done in December. I think his GI said it’s a fairly new test and a good non-invasive way to determine inflammation.

      • He was part of a 6-month SCD diet study at Stanford. When he started the study in June 2013, I don’t think they were using the test with any regularity so it wasn’t part of his baseline tests. But they did one at the 6-month mark and all we were told was NORMAL (not a number). All of his tests were (are) normal after 6 months. The diet has been truly amazing for him. Like night and day. He’s hopped back onto the normal growth chart trajectory.

        If your daughter isn’t symptomatic or otherwise troubled, I also would avoid scopes… I believe that this is a fairly new test, so maybe all markers have to be taken into account (blood and fecal) to be of value. Just a guess.

        • Thank you so much! And how wonderful for your son! Any advice on first steps to take if we decide that SCD is our next step? What was your son’s SED rate & other inflammation marker numbers before starting the SCD? How long has he been on the SCD? Does he have any food allergies? Thank you so much for talking to me 🙂

          • First steps for SCD: Get some cookbooks, stock your pantry, learn a few basic recipes so you’re never left empty-handed with a hungry kid looking for food…There are so many good recipes out there now, and great support from groups like this and the SCD diet group on facebook. Against All Grain is a great cookbook.

            We do SCD as a family, to keep temptation out of the house and support my son.

            Before SCD, and newly diagnosed with CD, my son’s markers were:

            ESR 26 (after 6 months SCD this is 4)
            Albumin 2.9 (…went to normal)
            Prealbumin 18 (…went to normal)
            Lactoferrin elevated (…went to normal)
            CRP 0.6 which is normal range, but it went down to 0.2, also normal)
            Platelets elevated (…went to normal)

            He’s now been on the diet for 9 months. No food allergies.

            Once a week he gets to have an illegal. This helps his spirits immensely and he hasn’t had any ill effects from it.

            We last saw GI (who supports diet alone) in December 2013, and don’t go back until June, 2013. Feeling very, very fortunate that the diet is helping so much and symptoms are in remission.

  2. My son has had that test done many times. It is used to measure inflammation in the intestines and is probably one of the least invasive tests he’s had in the past 3.5 years. I think the information can be beneficial.

    • Thank you for responding, Wendy. Is your son on the SCD diet? Do you remember any of his Calprotectin levels? Do they tend to bounce around a lot or fluctuate week by week/month by month? Katie’s last one (#2) was pretty high so of course the gi wants to scope soon. That’s the last thing we want to do. She really isn’t exhibiting symptoms & we are working with an integrative doc in St. Louis & would like to give his treatment plan a chance. Thank you for your insight & experience with this test.

  3. We use the calprotectin test regularly – every 2-3 months. My son has been on the SCD diet for over 2 years. No meds. He’s had some cheats and a couple of minor flares (due to antibiotic for a respiratory infection and a cheating binge) but is able to go back into remission with the diet alone. My son’s sed rate, crp, platelet counts, albumin are maintained within normal. These blood tests are also done fairly regularly but the calprotectin is more often. My son’s numbers do bounce but are maintained below 300. He’s gone as low as 65 which is almost normal. Depends on his cheats, really. If he stays on the diet, he’s fine; he knows this. This diet can be a challenge especially in social settings but it’s a blessing; my son has not had to be on any medications in 2 years. He does take supplements: oregano oil, tumeric, omega 3, VSL3 (which is not considered legal on scd but he’s been taking this since the beginning), acidophilus, Freeman vitamin B complex with C and calcium/vitamin D. Any supplements should be personalized and discussed with doctor. I’ve heard great things about Boswellia too; but we haven’t added any to my son’s regime….too many pills make teens irritable. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your information. I really appreciate it. How long on the diet did it take to get his numbers down? I’m assuming he has Crohn’s. How often does he have to get scoped? How long has he had it & was he ever on meds? Thanks so much for your input….greatly appreciated 🙂

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