How Do You Travel With The SCD Diet?

I had a new mom starting the diet for her daughter ask a question we haven’t discussed in a long time. How do you travel with the SCD Diet? Spring Break and Summer vacations are coming soon! Share tips you have learned traveling with the diet with us!

My tips:
When we travel with Justin on trips I always take a big snack bag and cooler for the cold foods. Have a list of groceries of items you KNOW should be at a nearby grocery store where you are traveling too so you can pick them up quick when you arrive at your destination. For example, 100% orange juice, fruits, cheese. Some items I sometimes worry about being where I’m going so I take them with me.
If you have read over my blog or been following for a while, you know one of my BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT tips that is a MUST for me is keep plenty of frozen meats and options (breads/cookies) handy in the freezer!!! I grab some of these things and put in my cooler to take.
If you have been on the diet for a while (or traveling and just need something to drive thru), there are a few ideas I have used. Chick Fil A grilled nuggets are not completely legal, but are not just horrible in my opinion when you are in a crunch. Chick Fil A fruit cups are great. Keep homemade salad dressings with you when traveling in your cooler and get a salad. If you go into a restaurant that cooks to order (steak house/japanese, etc) you can ask for them to cook a steak or chicken or fish with nothing added and a clean grill (it helps to tell them your child has food allergies then they will pay closer attention and be more careful).
My snack bag is always too full, but I like to be prepared. There are legal SCD snack bars out there to make it easier!


3 thoughts on “How Do You Travel With The SCD Diet?

  1. We travel with a NutriBullet so we can make smoothies. I also have a portable electric burner we take along and pack plenty of pre made food we can easily heat up.

    • Great idea! I love the idea of taking the smoothie maker! Some smoothie places will make a smoothie for you with (check and make sure on is 100% and fruit is fresh with no additives) orange juice, bananas and strawberries!

  2. Paige, as always, spot-on ideas for traveling on the SCD. Also, I had Cameron’s GI doctor to write a letter on prescription pad when we first started two years ago to allow him to take yogurt through TSA at the airport. Similar to the allowances for infants with formula. We have traveled several times and (“knock-on-wood”) have never had a problem going through the TSA with his letter. They usually test the jars in some kind of special machine, so we always arrive early. But all your other ideas are GREAT, and I like your idea too Melissa to travel with the NutriBullet. I will have to price those again!

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