What Do You Do When Your Family Questions Your SCD Decision?

When you made the decision to do the SCD Diet for your child, was everyone in agreement? I have spoken to numerous moms whose husbands or other family members have disagreed with their decision and not backed them up. I know sometimes the children aren’t in complete agreement and that can make it challenging enough. But it has to make this SCD challenge even harder when you have others criticizing your efforts.
I would love to hear from some of you who have experienced this and how you dealt with it. Did you stay strong and stick to the diet and did your husband/family see in the long run your efforts were for the best? There are alot of you out there going through this and I know it always helps to hear that you are not alone! Please share! Thanks!!!


3 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your Family Questions Your SCD Decision?

  1. TRUST YOUR GUT! All were against me when I put my son on this diet over 6 years ago – the GI shook his finger in my face, the in-laws said “just follow the doctors orders”, my husband voted to go with meds because the “specialists” said that was the only way, etc… All are on my side now, and boast about how healthy my son is (2nd year of college and managing what was severe Crohn’s Disease with diet alone). It’s tough to go against the grain, stay strong!

    • Awesome to hear about your son, Julia! We would love to hear your son’s story on the SCD Diet if you would like to share it! I have not spoken with anyone who has done the diet that long for their child. How did you make it through high school? And how is he managing in college? I know of one mom on the blog whose son is graduating this year and they are looking ahead towards college and the diet. If you don’t mind sharing with everyone on the blog, please email your story to scddiet4kids@gmail.com.

  2. We started the diet nearly a year ago and I had what I would describe as mixed support. I told the more dubious ones that we would try this for one month and see what happened. Fortunately, we saw major changes in symptoms within 48 hours, so it was hard to deny the impact. That said, there is a learning curve, with steps forward and steps back. The diet has helped immensely, and although we are not completely where we want to be, the diet has been more effective for us than all the medicines attempted to date. Most importantly, my child became a believer in it and he doesn’t want to eat a standard American diet anymore. Also, I had to know that I had exhausted all options before starting on other medicines with very scary possible side effects. I would also encourage you to look at FMTs after you get the inflammation down. Just Google it or friend Sally Brown on FB. Hang in there. You are doing the right thing.

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