Where Are You Located?

One of our new moms would like to find someone else in her area doing the SCD Diet. So I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to comment and tell us where you are from. You can be as specific as the city and state, or just the northern part of your state, etc.

I’m from the Atlanta, Georgia area.


24 thoughts on “Where Are You Located?

    • Rachel even though some of us are in the same area we do not ever see each other in person. Angie is probably the closest to me, 25 minutes, and i think the only time we have met is running into each other at the doctors office which is an hour away. Lol. Wendy is about 35-45 minutes away from me. I’ve seen her a hand full of times. Although we talk on the phone numerous times a week. So actual miles doesn’t matter! Just let me know if you would like to talk! You are NOT alone!!!!!

  1. Hi, my name is Ana, I am new to the blog. My 12 yr old son has UC, diagnosed about one year ago. We have tried SCD a few months for a few days, however, he was in the middle of a flare, and we had to stop. The Dr. has prescribed him Humira now, but we have not started it yet, I am preparing to start SCD again. I would love to connect with someone in my area. I am in West Palm Beach, Fl – If anyone in this area, pls let me know. I need assistance as I restart this journey.

  2. Hi Ana, I’m in St. Cloud, FL (central). My daughter, 11 was diagnosed 3 years ago with UC. Sunday marks 1 week of diet, and already seeing some improvement. Currently in a flare, and the past couple of days she has been able to keep food down and less restroom breaks.

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