Home Made Marshmallows

MarshmallowsI know alot of moms out there have just started the SCD Diet. With Easter on the way you might be looking for something SCD legal to make for your child. Look through our recipe category and cutout cookies and thumbprint cookies would make a good Easter treat. I found this recipe for home made marshmallows and thought these would be cute! http://www.mommypotamus.com/skip-the-peeps-make-healthy-marshmallows-at-home/

Please note that you don’t have to use the “grass-fed” gelatin. And instead of using natural food dye you can ground up some freeze dried strawberries, google some online ideas, or get creative. (I have colored SCD icing with the freeze dried strawberries and strained spinach, etc.) Use your imagination.

If you make these for your child, let us know how they like them! And share your creativity with us!


3 thoughts on “Home Made Marshmallows

  1. When my son was diagnosed with CD about 9 months ago, a very nice friend prepared these for a camp out event at school so that my son could have marshmallows like everyone else. The kids went nuts over them and gobbled them up.

    But I hadn’t tried making them until tonight. I think it worked and my house smells like honey heaven right now. Should know in the morning because they need to sit overnight. These plus the Against All Grain honey graham crackers and you *almost* have a s’more. And it only took you a week to prepare. HAHAHAHA. Just kidding.

      • Yep! They came out great! I highly recommend. They’re fluffy and delicious. I wonder if you could cut them into shapes and make them like peeps. They’re a little sticky, so maybe not. Thanks for posting this recipe, Paige! It seems complicated but when you do it it’s really not…I used a hand mixer which was a little tiring, but if you had a kitchenaid it would be even easier.

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