Cookie Tip from Chef Wendy

So I had a cookie emergency today and had to play around with my recipe. I used an old lemon cookie recipe I haven’t used since Justin started the diet 3 years ago. The cookies ran and were very flat on the first batch. I added two tablespoons of coconut flour and it helped alot. But when I tried getting the cookies off of the cookie sheet they were still soft and gooey. I remembered a tip from Chef Wendy (that’s the nickname I’ve gave her along time ago because she’s always making great new SCD recipes from basic recipes!). She takes her cookies and after baking them puts them in the dehydrater over night. Her son loves his cookies crispy. If you have cooked many recipes of SCD cookies you know that they don’t hold up too good and are usually soft. Today was my first time to try Wendy’s tip. They are delicious! The crispiness of the cookie is wonderful! I baked my cookies around lunch time and put them in the dehydrater until around 5 and they were perfect. Wendy says she leaves her’s overnight.

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