Moms, You Should Try It!?!

I’ve been debating whether to share this with everyone. But my thinking is if I share it with you, then it might hold me more accountable. I started the SCD Diet with my son, Justin, this past Monday. I tried it 3 years ago shortly after he started the diet. I gave up at the end of week 2 when I got the flu like symptoms from not having all the sugars and preservatives.

If you have been following this blog for a while then you have read about my 13-year-old going through a stage of cheating and wanting to eat other things not legal on the SCD Diet. If he got upset with me he would sneak a food he wasn’t supposed to have, etc. Since he has been on the diet 3 years now we have decided to let him eat freely from the diet socially, occassionally. He went on a 3 day camp with his class and ate the food there. He did use good judgement and didn’t eat ice cream or buy the candy. He did not show any signs such as pain, bleeding, etc. that he used to show after cheating on the diet during his first year or two. He went straight back on the diet when he got home. BUT please keep in mind he has been on the diet for 3 years! AND Justin did not have a severe case of Crohn’s. After he had been on the diet for one year, his pill camera showed his intestines as being healthy and that of a normal child his age with no damage. A few of you knew that Justin recently had a pill cam done for his 3 year anniversary on the SCD Diet. We still have not received those results. As soon as I get them I will share the news. We are anxious to see if the diet is doing as good for him on his insides as it appears from the outside. Justin has gained weight and if very active now!

As I was saying, I started the diet Monday. Today is day 3 for me. I’m already standing in the kitchen like I have seen Justin numerous times trying to figure out what I’m going to eat. Just being on the diet for three days is giving me a great perspective of how things are for my son and he’s been doing this for a long time! At first my excuse used to be that it was too expensive for me to go on the diet. Have you noticed how much groceries have gone up!?! It costs alot to eat period! And now I’m looking at it as if it might even save me money in the long run as much as eating out has gotten! Having been on the diet for only three days I already feel better. I know the sluggish stage is coming. I’m used to eating lots of sweets and sugar. I drank diet cokes regularly, not every day necessarily, but often enough. I’m the type mom that will do anything for my children. I will do for them before I would go to the trouble for myself. I’m trying to do this for Justin. He’s been amused that I’m eating what he’s eating and makes fun of me when everyone else in the house is eating something good that I normally would eat and can’t now, for example my husband’s homemade chocolate birthday cake. When I’m second guessing myself and asking myself “Why am I doing this?” I tell myself it’s for Justin. I think he’s at the point he needs for me to understand his frustrations and needs a partner in this.

I know a few of you moms out there, Giselle and Wendy, have been on the diet with your children. Does anyone else? If not, I think it would be good to at least try it. Even if not for very long, trying the SCD Diet personally will give you a different look at the diet I believe and might better help you relate to the trials with your child on the diet. I would love to hear your opinions and what you are doing. Wish me luck! I am going into this at least this time determined to fight through the end of “week 2”!

I did not mention that I, too, have been having some intestinal issues (I will spare you the details! Lol). I do not currently have health insurance so I have been self medicating myself for over a year. Without the medicines my symptoms come back. I stopped taking my medicines when I started the diet. I’m anxious to see what the diet does for me. I’m also overweight. So I know it definiately can’t hurt me! Wish me luck! If anything else, Justin is enjoying this!


3 thoughts on “Moms, You Should Try It!?!

  1. I’m glad you brought this up! My husband and I went on the diet with our daughter. We feel great. My husband has lost over 20 pounds and is thrilled about that.

    I think our emotional support has really helped. It would be hard for me to say to my kid, “Hey, you can do this,” when I didn’t have the experience to understand how difficult it was.

    We may liberalize the diet if/when the doctor thinks that makes sense for our daughter, but I really see the diet as the basis for a permanent change. We always ate “healthy-ish,” but there were still too many packaged things.

    Our other kids are eating about 75 percent SCD. They tend to eat most of the off-diet things when they are away from the house.

  2. We started eating Paleo in March 2012 as a family a couple of months before we started our son on SCD. It helped him transition away from sugar, breads, and processed foods. We eat a few things that he doesn’t (like sweet potatoes and 100% chocolate with honey) but there is a lot of overlap. I wouldn’t want to cook two separate meals all the time, plus it’s healthier. We allow our other child to eat non-Paleo at friends’ houses and once a week at school, but at home, we’re strict. Quite simply, I don’t buy it, and if it’s not there, we can’t eat it. Autoimmune diseases run in my family and my husband’s and we feel like this is important for our family long-term. I hope our culture will continue to make changes toward a healthier way of eating. We’re seeing the trend here with older kids (that want to excel in sports, etc.) and I hope it continues.

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