Edible Attitudes’ New Book Is Out!

I introduced Erica from Edible Attitudes a while back. She is a teenager who has food restrictions as well and wrote a small book about dealing with these restrictions as a teenager. She has written another book. Justin found it interesting to read the last book and see that he was not alone. While reading it, he would look up and say “Me, too!”, and “Wow, that’s just like me!” Below you will find links to purchase the new book and a coupon to get it for only $1! You can also enter to win some prizes! Thanks Erica!

From Edible Attitudes:

Blog Post link about the Book: http://wp.me/p3O34G-co

Amazon eBook Link: http://amzn.to/1r7PBPg

Amazon Paperback Link: http://amzn.to/1r7PGT9

Here is the direct link to Payhip: https://payhip.com/b/JOUh

The coupon code is “SCD KIDS” and it will never expire. It can only be used to purchase the PDF version via payhip. If it is used, the book will only cost a dollar instead of $1.99.

Several companies donated products for a giveaway for the launch of my new book. There are thermos, water bottles, spork, containers and an autographed copy of my book! The giveaway lasts through the 28th of April!

Here is the Giveaway link: http://on.fb.me/QzfKJH

book front


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