Feedback Wanted From New Mom Deirdre – Including Missing School

Mom Deirdre has been following the blog for a while, but hasn’t jumped into the diet yet. Her daughter was diagnosed with UC in August 2013. Her UC is isolated to her distal colon. Deirdre says the doctor prescribed nightly “Rowasa” enemas. Unfortunately her daughter became very sore and they are now having to give her a nightly suppository instead. Deirdre is reaching out for some guidance and interested to hear from you moms who have been doing the SCD diet.

Deirdre wrote:
I feel encouraged about the SCD diet but I don’t know if we have the “will” that it takes. How drastic is it? I have looked into my pantry closet & see healthy snacks (gluten & dairy free) that my daughter loves. Any advice or 1st steps to learn to “let go” of our habits would be appreciated. We feel so alone & sad right now. And also, how did/do you handle attendance in school? We have a fight on our hands right now. My daughter has missed a lot of days. Thank you so much.

I always try to help by leaving my opinions and advice at the bottom of each post. But it would be great to hear from more moms out there! I haven’t had alot of experience with missing alot of school time. And how would you answer her question, “How drastic is the SCD Diet?” I can’t wait to read your comments!

My thoughts:
First I want to say thanks Deirdre for reaching out to us. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That is one reason I started this blog! We are only an email or phone call away! I posted on the blog recently asking where some of the moms are located. Please everyone if you haven’t commented there, go find the post and let us know. If you see someone close to your area email me and we might can get you in touch with each other. I have made some really close friends through this diet and blog.
Your first question, “How drastic is it?”, and “I don’t know if we have the ‘will’ that is takes”. The diet if very difficult at first. I will be honest. Anything new to us now a days is difficult in the beginning if you think about it. I HATE to get a new phone and have to learn how to quickly access things differently than I did before. Things have become so easy for us because everything is electronical and easy and there are drive thrus on every corner and it’s SO easy to get take out and save time and energy not cooking. And with the prices of groceries now it’s VERY easy to justify take out. I have heard that if you do something consistantly for, is it 2 weeks, you will change a habit. The SCD Diet is not easy in the beginning. But after a month or two it gets easier and easier. By 6 months it’s like part of your life and soon after that the SCD Diet seems like part of your life and it comes as natural as everyday life before you started it. I know there are some moms out there that have started the diet recently in the past month or two. Are things getting easier for you? As far as having the “will”… Through doing the blog I have met a couple of families that were not able to stick to the diet. All I can share with you to have the “will” is to tell you what helped me and what I have heard helps alot of other moms out there stick to and continue the SCD Diet for their children. When Justin was diagnosed with Crohn’s we were thankful it was not a life threatening cancer/disease that we hear so many children going through. It was something that can be controlled and you can live with it. We were thankful to be told about the diet and have something to try first before putting him on medications that would have side effects. Your “will” has to come from the love you have for your child. That’s where my “will” comes from. Justin has been struggling with cheating on the diet lately and three weeks ago I started the diet with him to try helping him not feel alone. I love my child and if there is something I can do to help him stay well and make him healthier as long as he lives with me, I will do “what I can”. And please remember it is HARD to do alone! You do need a support group or someone to talk to occassionally or every day. I wouldn’t have made it without some of the moms I talked to!

Justin had a mild case and hasn’t missed “alot” of school. I am hoping some of the other moms with leave you advice about this. When Justin did miss school I made sure to get doctors excuses in and make sure his work was caught up. But I know it’s different when lots of school time is missed. There are programs out there to help (I’ve heard of programs where teachers come to the house, or online programs).

As far as your “healthy” snacks in your pantry. Look closely at the ingredients. On this diet you are trying to stay away from the preservatives that they sneak in lots of things. You CANNOT go by what you read on the front of the boxes! You need to print out a copy of the “Legal/Illegal” list and look over it and highlight things you normally eat. Bookmark the list online on your phone and keep it handy while at the grocery store. You WILL eventually learn off the top of your head what’s legal/illegal in most basic items. I still refer to the list on my phone while at the grocery store occassionally while at the grocery store after 3 years of doing the diet.

How to get started? I would get the items needed to start making the homemade yogurt and start with that. It will make it ALOT easier to do as I mentioned already – printing off the list and highlighting and getting familiar with it AND keeping a journal. If you are used to eating healthy as you mentioned, then you might be surprised you might already eat some legal items that will help to make it seem normal. Or you might just have to make a couple of minor changes – cook with olive oil, make your breading when frying meats with almond flour/coconut flour instead. You have to make up your mind to start and just do it. Please read all of the posts here on the blog under “Getting Started”. I tried my best in the beginning when I started to write things down to help make it easier to understand and get started for others.

Please let us know what other questions you have! I hope other moms leave feedback! And good luck!!!


2 thoughts on “Feedback Wanted From New Mom Deirdre – Including Missing School

  1. As Paige has said, SCD is not easy. However, it can be done! The hardest part for us was the 1st two weeks as we didn’t know how to eat and the kids were feeling body aches. However, we set a 3 month trial if we felt better and saw improvements, we would continue 3 more month. It gave us a goal. A year seem too long, forever seemed impossible. 3 month intervals allowed us to check in. It has been 2years and 2 months since we started. The changes, the result, improvements were so significant that was life changing for us. Our daughter never went on medications. Our son is down to 1 med and has gained 18lbs in 2 years after show -3lbs in the year prior to starting SCD. Those improvements, those changes gave me the energy and the “will” to stick with it even when it’s hard.
    My recommendation is start w 3 months and see for yourself the improvements. Don’t focus on what she can not eat but on what you CAN eat. I trust believe this thought process helped us at the beginning.
    Again as Paige said, now after 2 years, I don’t have any GI issues but I follow SCD too. I don’t want to eat any other way. If I “splurge”, 95% of the time I feel sick to my stomach. It all depends what I eat. After 2 years we eat out at a few places. Is it perfect not really and 100% legal, no but close. We usually order some steak or fish grilled and sautéed veggies. It works for us. However we didn’t go for the first 4 months. I felt like I needed to have control and a handle on the diet.
    Good luck and we are here for you!!

  2. Our son has a 504 plan at school, i.e. they have to accommodate him for his school absences and any other special help he may need. I think CCFA has a pamphlet about it on their website. Urte

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