I apologize…

Mom Deidre sent in a few questions and I did a post a few days ago asking for feedback. In my thoughts I think I got a little carried away with my opinion on having the “will” to do the diet. I hope this didn’t offend anyone and I did NOT mean for it to be rude or towards anyone. I feel strongly about it and it’s what has kept me going. I have come across a couple of moms over the past few years (none from my blog) that did not have the “will” to do the diet. It still to this day bothers me that I couldn’t help these moms and make it easier for them so they could do it for their children. I hope this gives you each a better understanding where my thoughts were coming from when I went on and on about having the “will” to do the diet. I also wanted to emphasize I guess what has really kept me going. There were many times I was exhausted from the diet and arguing with Justin to keep him strictly on the diet that I had to remind myself why I was doing it…because I love him and want to help him. So I was also trying to communicate with each of you I know it’s hard and there will be times you have to dig deep to keep your eye on the prize here and keep your strong “will” to continue! But know you are not alone! There are lots of moms out there that know what you are going through and we are just a click away!!!

PLEASE try to take the time this week or coming weekend to respond to Deidre’s questions. It takes courage to reach out for help sometimes. I don’t want this blog to only be my thoughts and opinions. I want this blog to be here for everyone and for everyone to share whats on their minds. Thanks!!!


One thought on “I apologize…

  1. Thank you Paige for your understanding & support. I wasn’t offended by your post. And especially thank you for your phone call! You helped calm my nerves! 🙂 I am filled with determination to start my daughter on the diet. She also suffers with chronic gastritis so the diet should help that too. Thank you for creating this Blog & I do hope other Moms respond. It would be great to connect & support each other. Be well!

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