Questions from Mom Urte – Too Much Flour? & More ?’s

I love when new moms reach out to us and seek encouragement and reasurance. I believe without support it’s hard for us moms to not give up.
Mom Urte sent me the following email. Please be sure to take time to leave feedback sometime this week! I love to hear your thoughts and advice! You never know who else is following the blog who is in need for answers and you might be alot of help to them! Thanks in advance!

Mom Urte wrote:

I have been spending lots of time on your website since we started the diet on 4/25/14 for all your encouragement and information.
Our 9-year old was diagnosed with Crohn’s in December 2012 and he has been on methotrexate, but it seemed to not really be doing much lately and when our doctor started talking biologics, we decided to give the diet a try. I envy you your doctor who actually sounds very supportive of the diet, our doctor’s comment was:” well maybe you could do it for a month, but then he should start eating regular food again”. I was very disheartened by this comment.
Anyways, so far the diet has been nothing short of a miracle. Within a week his disposition and energy were so much better, it was amazing. He doesn’t go to the bathroom more than once or twice a day and doesn’t seem to have any stomach pains. But spending all this time on the internet, reading about the diet and looking for recipes also has made me stumble across the comments saying that almond flour should be used very sparingly, which is definitely not the case here. But…he is a 9 year old, how much can I ask him to give up and it doesn’t seem to cause any problems so far. So my question is, have you had trouble with your son eating too much almond flour and having any adverse reactions ? I also feel that since we are still at the beginning of the diet, our choices are somewhat limited (we aren’t doing raw fruits and vegetables or nuts yet ). He doesn’t like cheese. Seems like there aren’t all that many choices for snacks and school lunches.
Any words of wisdom you have would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much for this wonderful site you have.

My thoughts:
Thanks for reaching out Urte. I’m sure if you have been reading my blog, you know the first thing I will say from my experience talking to other moms is that everyone is different. I remember hearing the same thing about the almond flour when we first started the diet, but I didn’t worry about it. It didn’t seem to bother Justin. BUT, please keep in mind my son didn’t have a severe case of Crohns. I have talked to other moms whose children are more severe and are very cautious with the almond flour and fresh fruits and vegetables. My biggest tip is to keep a strict food journal and try some things. Fresh pineapple “used” to bother my son badly! But he can eat it now after being on the diet 3 years. I’ve heard some children still have problems over time with even ripe bananas. The diet says to start out with the intro diet with the bone broth, etc. I haven’t talked to many moms that have done that. I know my son needs the bread/cookies that includes the almond flour. So I just “winged” it in the beginning. Since everyone is different, I honestly don’t think there is a wrong or right way. Test with your child and see what works and helps them the best. Since it sounds like he is doing good already on the diet maybe try adding something.
With the fruits and vegetables, I was wondering if you have a dehydrator yet? Sometimes the dehydrated fruits are better on them than the fresh. Dehydrated pineapple never bothered Justin when the fresh pineapple always did. All of my kids loved the dehydrated banana chips. We dehydrated mangos, bananas, and pineapple. The pineapple was always gone in a day. It’s really good! I recently saw it was good to dehydrate watermelon. I haven’t tried that. I tried the dehydrated tomatoes a couple of weeks ago, but we weren’t too crazy about them. You can puree strawberries, etc. with honey and dehydrate. Yum!
Are you doing the yogurt yet? Smoothies was Justin’s biggest thing with his yogurt at first. But we did put strawberries, bananas, and honey in them. He still loves smoothies! Not having the fresh fruits really makes it hard for the snacks.
I’m sorry to hear about your doctor. I have heard this from many moms regarding the doctors they have. One new mom to the blog from Tennessee recently came down to Atlanta to see one of our doctors. I believe she was very pleased with him. One mom comes here from South Carolina. I know this makes a big difference having a doctor understanding. Just remember you are the mom and stand strong and follow your instincts and do what you think is best for your child. There is one mom in particular from the blog, you know who you are :), who held strong and refused medications from the doctor, and her son is doing great on the diet alone.
Have you told your doctor how great your son is doing on the diet after a month? I can’t imagine him telling you to quit after seeing great results! Why quit doing something that is working so quickly?
I am hoping other moms leave their thoughts! There are recipes for cookies, etc. that are made with coconut flour and not almond flour if you want to watch his intake.
Please let us know if you have further questions!!!


2 thoughts on “Questions from Mom Urte – Too Much Flour? & More ?’s

  1. Hi Urte, We have been doing SCD for a year for our son with UC. It has helped tremendously although we still have a ways to go. For school lunches, my son usually takes leftovers from supper the night before. We also make a big batch of hamburgers and grilled chicken to keep in the freezer for him to take. Snacks are tough as my son does not eat raw veggies/fruits for the most part. His favorite snacks are plain avocados, peanut butter (no additives), hard-boiled eggs, jello (gelatin with diluted grape juice), ripe bananas, and cheese. We did use a lot of almond flour, but I have cut back as I was concerned that we were over-doing it. We still use it some, but I try to use coconut flour and cashew butter. Mixing it up and using different ones seems to help.

  2. Thanks for the info. We aren’t doing raw fruits/veggies either and unfortunately, he does not like cheese or peanut butter. I just keep thinking that it’s probably still better than eating what he used to eat, namely flour products. I’ll try the jello again, he had so much when we did the intro diet, but maybe he’s ready for more now…

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