Summer Traveling & Days At The Park

It’s that time of year again! Can you believe the school year is almost over!? The years seem to go by faster and faster. Alot of families are about to be traveling on vacations and spending days at the water parks and ball parks!

How do you survive those long days away from home and on unfamiliar territories on the SCD Diet?

I have always packed a small cooler filled with a variety of snacks for my son to choose from. I make sure I have plenty if he’s hungry and a variety so he has something to choose from. I would pack a variety of things like:
* fruit snacks – variety of flavors and at least 4-5 (When other kids are eating fruit roll ups and candy this is somthing similar I find he is comfortable eating.) (If you haven’t found legal ones in your grocery store you can find them on I stock up on them when I order.)
* beef jerky – when I find legal beef jerky I stock up on it, boys love this snack (When we first started the diet I would make my own.)
* fruit variety – grapes, banana, strawberries, etc.
* raisins – a trail mix of dried fruit – apricots, raisins, etc. (your child’s favorites)
* dehydrated pineapple – a summertime favorite of Justin’s
* There are varieties of freeze dried fruits at Walmart and grocery stores.
* I try to keep cookies in the freezer so I can have some handy for days like this.
* Small containers of orange juice and grape juice and water.
* cheese
* legal fruit cups (fruit in own juice)
* legal bars (Laura Bars, etc.)
* carrots, other veggie strips

Please comment and let us know what you pack! We could all use new ideas!


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