Questions from Mom Kim – C. Diff?

Hello moms! Hope you are having a good weekend! New mom Kim had a few questions. I am hoping someone will be able to give her some advice as I have not had any experience with her c. diff question. If you ever have time to sit down at your computer, please take time and go to our “questions” section here on the blog and read some of the questions from recent moms and leave comments with your advice! We want to hear from you!!!

From Kim:
Hi. My daughter is now 9. She was diagnosed with UC in November 2011 and celiac disease probably in 2005 or 2006. She and I began the SCD in February 2013.
Although we saw improvements, they were not dramatic. Less belly pain. Diarrhea persisted. But this was enough to keep us going.
In July 2013, she was diagnosed with c. diff. She has had recurrent bouts up to the present.
My question is in regards to whether you or anyone has seen/heard of c. diff being exacerbated by SCD.
Also, she is not growing well. My concern is whether the restrictive nature of SCD is allowing her to get enough nourishment. She is almost like an expectant mama with morning sickness…sort of picky.
I feel like we are at a cross roads. My gut tells me to keep going on the SCD to address the inflammation at its source. But I was hoping for some input from others who have or are traveling this path.
Thank you.

My thoughts:
I am sorry, Kim, but I have not had any experience with c. diff. Justin has been tested many times, but I am not familiar with it. I am hoping some of the moms here will be able to help you with their advice.
Please read the following previous post about weight gain – My son started the diet when he was 10. He lost weight in the beginning. I don’t think he started really growing until after 2 years on the diet. He just told me this morning he had gained 5 pounds since the last time he weighed. I believe Justin was around 80-82 when he started the diet. He was 115 this morning. Like the previous post states, look at your child and see if they are acting like they feel better and they have energy and do not worry about the weight, it will come.
I have found with most of us moms here on the blog, it’s best to follow your gutt feeling. I will not give up.
Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any further questions.


6 thoughts on “Questions from Mom Kim – C. Diff?

  1. Hi Kim,
    I don’t have any person experience w c diff either. I just wanted to tell you a few ideas/thoughts….
    My son prior to the diet had spent a whole year without growth and a negative gain weight. It took 6 months post starting the diet to show his first 2 lbs and 9months to show growth. It has been 2 years and he has gain 19 lbs and I actually don’t remember the growth but a couple of inches. Keep the faith!
    I would add … You might want to real Danielle Walker story as she was on SCD and slightly changed to Paleo which worked for her. I know many moms swear by the yogurt and I make it for my daughter. However my son can’t do dairy. It really upset his GI and he bleeds from his gutters. He is on HLC intensive probiotics and when we started w probiotics he took 2 capsules per day. They have no FOS. I suggest a good probiotic to fight the c diff together w what the doctor might suggest.
    Sorry I can’t offer more advised!

  2. Hi Kim,

    Sounds like your child’s GI bacteria are out of balance. Purpose of scd is to starve the “bad” bugs. Growth trends fluctuate so it’s hard to recognize a failure to grow versus a natural lull in growth; my son fell off his growth curve when he was diagnosed with crohns over 2 years a ago. With the grace of a God and scd diet, he’s gained 15+ pounds and grown 7 inches in these last 2 years. But he’s also 14. Huge growth period. I was very concerned that he stay on tract in this critical period. As for the c. diff, staying on the diet strictly should do nothing but help. Using good probiotics to daily help repopulate gi bacteria is important too. Eating probiotic foods like homemade yogurt and fermented foods daily can be helpful. You might also consider using nature’s antibiotics like oregano oil, coconut oil, colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract. IBD Is definitely a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Hang in there. Make sure your medical team supports you. God bless.

  3. Thanks for the info. As you moms know, there are so many factors at work in our kiddos’ bodies. My daughter has had probably 8 bouts of c. diff with treatments of the various standard medications. She is now on the newest med which ends in a couple of days. She also has had two unsuccessful fecal Microbiome transplants (12/13, 5/14) for the c. diff. She was on a super probiotic. She is now using a non colonizing yeast to help restore balance. I have used a small parasite preparation of oils. I have tried bleaching and militant hand washing.

    Seemingly every avenue has been tried, which brought me to question SCD since this began after she and I began the diet. It didn’t make sense that it would exacerbate it, but I am getting to the end of my rope.

    Her growth curve has shifted, from about 75 percentile to 25 percentile. Only about 1-2 cm height change over the last year or so. And it is so difficult to get her to eat.

    It is difficult to know which issue needs addressed first. Right now the c. diff takes top priority. Then management of UC with SCD. Hoping that if those lead to health, the growth will follow and perhaps catch up.

    Again thank you for helping me think things through. To know that we do not stand alone.

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