If you have been following the blog for a while you might have seen my posts about a teenage girl, Erica Brahan, who has written a short book called, “A Teenager’s Perspective on Food Restrictions – A Practical Guide to Keep from Going Crazy”. (Below you will find the links to purchase the book and a coupon.) I have just finished reading the book. It is a short, paperback book only 83 pages long. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I SO wish I had had this book and my son and I had read it when we started the diet three years ago!

I know the title says “Teenager’s”, but I would recommend any parent with a child with food restrictions to get this book and read it now. Let’s say I’m not “recommending” it, I’m telling you to get it! It is a must have! It is a teenager’s perspective. It is a teenager that has experienced what your child is going through, will be going through, in her own words. I plan on reading each section WITH Justin and discussing it as we go along. When we read the first edition of the book, Justin was fascinated to hear another child say some of the same things he was going through and feeling the same way.

My son started the diet at age 10. I SO wish we had this book then to prepare us and to make not only him, but me, aware of the feelings, psychological and socially, that would arise. I believe points in this book are things that every child with a diet restriction will encounter. It is encouraging and helps them to have a positive look on their experience.

I went through and highlighted SO many things throughout the book, there is too many good things to share just one. The book explains why the diet restrictions are hard for kids. It gives motivation – “Food restrictions are a marathon, not a sprint.” It talks about your child’s goals and dreams and how this is helping them. There are chapters on planning ahead for eating, dating, and “True Friends Don’t Care” if you have food restrictions! And I think I loved the conclusion most of all.

I want to share the whole book with you, but I can’t do that here. I had planned on writing a post about the book asking each of you to please purchase the book to help out Erica, who just graduated from high school this month. It would be a great graduation gift for her to have us all purchase her book! But, after reading the book I think it will far beyond help Erica, it will be most helpful to you as a parent to get prepared and to help your child realize they are not alone and prepare them to have a positive attitude for things to come.

The book is SO cheap! You will not regret buying it! I promise!

From Edible Attitudes:

Blog Post link about the Book:

Amazon eBook Link:

Amazon Paperback Link:

Here is the direct link to Payhip:

The coupon code is “SCD KIDS” and it will never expire. It can only be used to purchase the PDF version via payhip. If it is used, the book will only cost a dollar instead of $1.99.



2 thoughts on “Must Have Book!!! PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS!!!

  1. Thanks for this reminder, Paige. I just bought the book. My son has been on SCD for about a year and I’m getting a little more concerned these days because he’s in a constant growth spurt and says he feels hungry ALL THE TIME. I’m worried that this will cause him to stray from the diet more or that the diet isn’t really adequate for this phase of his growth. He’s 12.5. So I look forward to reading this book and his reading it to so that we can have a discussion about things. thanks!

    • ML, I wish I had had the book before Justin’s “cheating” started. I hope this helps! I think it’s great! Justin has been on the diet over 3 years now. He goes through spurts of being hungry ALL the time. He’s in one of those now! I try to keep plenty of things in the freezer and make sure I have meat handy to thaw from the freezer or fridge. It’s nothing for him to have had dinner then thaw two hamburger patties for burgers or make two meat and cheese sandwiches at 8:30-9 at night! But he pulls through and grows and still stays healthy! Let us know how you AND your son like the book!

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