Friday Night Burritos

Yum! We tried our new Paleo Wraps as burritos tonight! I put black beans, seasoned ground meat, grated cheese, shredded lettuce and legal salsa.

I tried microwaving them to melt the cheese. Not a good idea. The wrap got too soft and you couldn’t pick it up. You had to eat with a fork, but still yummy!!! Be sure to let the wraps sit out at room temp so they won’t be cold and don’t microwave.

Justin has been eating them as a sandwich wrap. He puts legal meat, lettuce/spinach, cheese and mustard. They ate really good too!

Hope everyone is able to find these to have as a treat and easy meal. I have tried and tried to make tortillas before and they are always so soft and don’t hold together. I wish we had found these sooner! Thank you to the mom that shared them with me!!!!



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