Cleanse – Colonoscopy Prep on SCD

Mom Julie emailed me about tips fr a colonoscopy prep while on the SCD Diet. Please visit the following past post regarding cleansing on the SCD –

I apologize if I’m repetitive from the other post. I know alot of us have learned more the longer we have been doing the diet for our children. I’m hoping a few of you can give a few extra tips to help moms preparing their children for a colonoscopy.

My son, Justin, just had his 3 year pill cam while on the diet. He had had to do 3-4 cleanses early on while on the diet, but it had been a while. I got all in a frenzy trying to figure out again what to do! Lol I also had to refer back to my previous post. This past time Justin did the cleanse he had alot of broth. I did find legal chicken, beef, and chicken broth at the grocery store. If you are not able to find any you can make your own at home. I made jello again. I also made homemade popcycles. We did also use the Miralax for the cleanse. Justin has never had any side effects from the Miralax while on the diet that we have noticed. I did not use the honey candies this time because I didn’t have any. Justin loves the sparkling cider and I treated him with that to drink. Those are not cheap! He also drank white grape juice.

Please share with us your tips and what you have done in the past to help your child make this through the colonoscopy prep while on SCD. Thanks!


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