Cold Medications On SCD

I got a text a couple of weeks ago asking what medications to give when your child has a cold while on the SCD. I remember when our first small group started the SCD Diet and one of our children got sick we would get all in a panic! We would spend so much time in the medicine aisle reading labels and looking them up online. You can read my first post on this topic here: It does give you a picture of the legal cough/cold medicine we found then.

One thing we were told by Lucy and our nurses/doctors was to not stress when your child gets sick while on the diet. Your childs health comes first. We might have to give them something “illegal” on the diet to help them get through an illness or cold. I honestly do not remember ever having given Justin medication and seeing any bad side effects. But I only gave them when necessary. I give Justin Claritin on a regular basis. I have given him benadryl when needed. When he has a sore throat or cold I give him nyquil, the original flavor, not the flavored ones. Just do your best to find the medication with the least addivitives. But our main objective is to make them comfortable and well.

I’m sure you have been told to give them tylenol and not ibuprofen. I always use the tylenol tables without the coating on them. At one time they were too large for Justin to swallow and I would crush them up with a pill crushing tool or with a knife and put it in some applesauce or yogurt.

Share with us any medication finds you use and have found! What do you do for your child when they are sick?


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