Have you changed your child’s diet aftering being on SCD for 2 + years?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my 13 year old has been on the diet over 3 years now and asks constantly to add things or cheat on his diet. I have also shared that when he goes somewhere socially we do sometimes allow him within reason to eat with others, and on other occasions It does seem though that it has become more frequently because he is asking alot when he goes somewhere to eat. So far, I’m assuming because he is normally strict on the diet otherwise, these things do not bother him. I have recently talked to a mom whose son started the diet the same time my son did and after 2 years he was doing so good he went off the diet. He has been off the SCD diet a little over a year now and has gotten sick again and is starting back on the diet. Actually I know of two children from our original group who went completely off of the diet after 2 years and after one year are back on it.

ANYWAY, sorry for rambling. I have tried to add some things back into Justin’s diet. For example, I do use a “natural” ketchup from the grocery store. It’s not completely legal, but the ingredients are better than others. And I still add honey and pepper to this ketchup for his bbq. He was asking the other day to eat regular bbq and I told him no. I actually think his bbq tastes great anyway, so I told him there was no reason to push his luck! But you know how teenagers/kids are; give them an inch and they want a mile! Lol

There is alot out there about the Paleo diet now. My doctor has told me it is not scientifically based. I’m going off what I have read in the “Against All Grain” cookbook I have. There are not alot of differences in the Paleo than from the SCD. I have added from the Paleo diet to my son’s diet, for example, the maple syrup, cocoa/cocoa chips, and I actually can’t think of much else. Hmmm. But the options with these two things do help! I do let him occasionally (like for the end of the school party) order a gluten free pizza from Dominos and have cheddar cheese with no mozzerella, with hamburger and bacon. I TRY to make it as close as I can instead of him at least eating a regular pizza. And he still loves it and will eat the whole pizza in one sitting!

I have been finding some great recipes we have tried that are Paleo legal with only a few different ingredients and wondering if anyone would like to have them. I had thought about putting a section here for those recipes, but do not want to confuse any newcomers. So if anyone out there has added a few things into their child’s diet and might be interested in these recipes. Please email me at scddiet4kids@gmail.com with your email address and let me know if you would like to be put on an email list to get those recipes. I made some great cookies/bars last night that are SCD legal with the exception of the 100% cocoa.

What changes have you made to your child’s diet after being on the diet 2 or more years? (And for those that have been on the diet for less than 2 years, I DO NOT recommend adding anything until after 2 years! I tried adding foods for my son after one year and it did NOT do good for him!)


2 thoughts on “Have you changed your child’s diet aftering being on SCD for 2 + years?

  1. Hi. I’ve just joined this site. My son began SCD at age 2 and he is turning 12 in August. We made a deviation 5yrs ago related to school lunch. It was very hard socially not eating like everyone else. We let him try brown rice. He tolerated it and that gave him brown rice cakes instead of bread for sandwiches. He never really liked the SCD breads and I’m not the greatest baker. I do know that the point of the SCD diet is to heal the gut and Elaine’s daughter eventually returned to eating everything. I’m constantly asking in what order to people try foods but there isn’t anything clear cut. Everyone’s gut is their guide. Clearly my son will not ever being having sugar, processed foods, food colorings etc. These are challenging years but I will share that he has benefited tremendously from eating SCD.

    Love to see what you are making.

    • Hi, Carolyn! Thanks for sharing. I tried rice first for my son and he had blisters and sores on his bottom so bad he missed school for a week because he couldn’t sit down and had to lay on his stomach all week. Like you said, you have to let your personal experience be your guide. I did talk to Lucy ( from Lucy’s Kitchen and she was also a friend Elaine’s after our rice incident. ) She said that grains were the WORST thing I could ever add back, so I have stayed away from them. She sayed sugar was a lot safer and that she occasionally had a salad dressing with sugar. As the diet says you can have bacon with sugar once a week. I don’t give my son anything with sugar that I can think of. But if he was asking to cheat I would let him have a sweat before a piece of bread. That’s what I have learned and what I do. I will add you to my emails for the recipes. And be sure to email and share any good recipes with us! And AWESOME JOB! He’s been on the diet since age 2!? You’re an awesome mom!!!

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