Question from Mom Suzie – Bleeding?

Mom Suzie has a question. Please leave your comments and advice! Thanks!!!

Mom Suzie wrote:

Hey ladies, its been awhile. My daughter Rose is still struggling with bleeding. Her stools are good, somewhat undigested sometimes, but well formed. Ant thoughts as to why she might still be bleeding? We are trying to keep her fiber minimal. Please give suggestions on things you think could be helpful. Thanks!

Suzie B. in Utah

My thoughts:
Please remind me, Suzie, how long as Rose been on the diet? And has she been “strictly” on the diet since you started? My son had bleeding for a while and it got ALOT worse before it finally quit. It was the “dying off stage” and the length of time is different for everyone. I believe it is her body’s way of still disposing of the bad bacteria. And I KNOW it is scary!!! I hope this is what it is! I’m looking to hear what other moms thing. Stay in touch!!!


2 thoughts on “Question from Mom Suzie – Bleeding?

  1. How long was your son bleeding for? Rose has mostly been doing scd for the past nine months. Her vitamins probably are not scd legit. What are some foods that can get her some calories? I’m juicing, doing chicken soup, hamburger, peeled apples. She cant have anything cruciferous yet. What are some ways to cook veggies soft to make them appetizing? Rose has been bleeding for months, just enough to coat the poop or leave a small pool of blood in the bottom of the baby potty bowl. Yep, that’s how I’ve been monitoring her stuff, fun huh! Just trying to keep her going. Please let me know what supplements or ideas might be helpful.

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