Mom Jamie emailed me the following question. I also got a call from another mom last week regarding Remicade.
Please share with us your experience or what your opinion about Remicade is. What would your advice be to Mom Jamie about trying the SCD Diet versus Remicade? THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS!!!

Jamie wrote:
My 9 yr old daughter was diagnosed with crohns last yr. she was on 6mp, and the doctor just suggested remicade instead since she still had inflammation when he did her colonoscopy. I don’t like the possible side effects of it so I am researching other options. Was your son on any medication when he started scd? I’m wondering if something is needed until the diet starts to work. Did your doctor support you when you first started? Any advice or info is appreciated. Thanks so much! Jamie

My thoughts:
I spoke with Jamie earlier this week about her email. I hope she finds a clear answer to her question. I know as a mom our child’s health is a hard decision on which direction to go.
I have never had any experience with Remicade but have heard other moms talk about it. I did share with Jamie that I have not heard anything good about Remicade and have heard of alot of bad side effects. I highly recommend at least giving the diet a try for 6 months. I think it would be well worth it and looking back she will have at least tried it and not wondered. I do not think 6 months will hurt to wait and I believe she will have seen good results within this time.
I am hoping to hear from you moms what your advice is. Thank you so much! You never know who you are helping that is reading the blog with your comments!


9 thoughts on “Remicade?

  1. Prior to SCD my husband try not to be on Remicate for almost a year but other meds weren’t working so he finally went on Remicate. His side effect is 2-3 of feeling very fatigue. Otherwise both of my kids have mild disease and with the SCD , we haven’t had to go there.
    I have 2 friends whose kids are on Remicate. Even with Remicate their colons have never been great. In the last month, both kids have had a colonoscopy, both kids started SCD about 3-6months ago. Both have different doctors and they have been told that they have never had such clean beautiful colons. In my book, it has been a good month since I confused both families to try SCD.
    I would agree, try it for 6mo and see if you see improvement. My guess is that you will. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions… 🙂

  2. our dr. tried to get us to go on remicade and we refused, wanting to give the diet a chance first. most people notice an improvement fairly quickly. i think it would make more sense to try one thing at a time. the diet requires a fair amount of work and planning. if you tried both SCD and remicade at the same time what would you attribute any improvement to? i have heard some success stories with remicade but typically what i have heard is that it stops working after awhile or kids develop some scary side effects. unfortunately it seems like our kids may have this disease their whole lives. i think devoting 6 months to the diet would be a fair thing to do. when my dr. tried to make me feel like a negligent mother i reminded myself that these biologics have only been around a relatively short while. people did have IBD and survive without these newer medications. my son is 16. there is no way he would have stayed on the diet if he didn’t feel so much better while on it.

  3. My son is now 17 and he has been on the SCD since Sept. 1, 2011. When he started the diet he had a pretty severe case of Crohn’s so while on the diet, he took Methatrexate, 6mp, Prednisone, Remecaide and Humira. Not only did these medications not work for him, he also had yucky side effects. He finally ended up having intestinal resection surgery October 2013 removing approximately 12 inches. Thank God, he has been GREAT since then and is now medication free and strictly adheres to the SCD!!! So be encouraged!!! I also have to say (and I’m sure you already know this), each child is different and what works for one may or may not work for another. However, in my son’s case, although the SCD was sustaining him, it couldn’t reverse the significant damage that Crohns had already done to his intestines. So for him, he has experienced (and continues to) his best healing and feeling absolutely great and medication-free (he takes the SCD multi-vitamin and SCD vitamin D) by strictly adhering to the SCD – post-surgery. You’re doing the best thing for your child, so stay and be encouraged. Take care!!

  4. Hi All,
    Thanks Paige for posting this question. We have decided to try SCD rather than go with Remicade. It wasn’t a hard choice at all. My son Austin was in the initial trial with Justin and did very well. However, we slowly moved away from the diet as he entered High School. As soon as I received the results of his recent test showing inflammation and ulcers, I regretted not staying on the SCD. I appreciate all the post here sharing information. I am sure I will drive Paige crazy for the first few months as I call on her for support. Having done this diet before, I know the amount of work involved, but also know the benefits without the side effects are more than worth it.
    Thanks all,

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