Mom Trisha Question – My Son Isn’t Eating!

Mom Trisha emailed me seeking advice yesterday. Her 6 year old son has Autism and is just starting the diet. I have read lots of benefits from being on the SCD Diet. I know besides being used for Crohn’s, Colitis, IBDs, it is also beneficial for Autism/ADHD. Most moms following this blog have a child with intestinal issues. I know these moms will still be of great help commenting to help Trisha with the SCD Diet. I was curious if there are more moms following that have children with Autism. We would love to hear from you!

Please, read Trisha’s email below and leave comments! Thanks!!!

Mom Trisha wrote:
We started the SCD intro diet for my 6 y/o ASD son on Thursday. He was hungry and cranky but eventually ate 2 chicken/egg pancake at night. The next morning he awoke, went back to sleep and was generally in and out of it all day. In the afternoon he threw up and I put him in an Epsom Salt bath to relax. He was fine and back to resting for the evening. He is the same today, refusing all juice, food, etc. I’ve offered homemade electrolyte, pear sauce, etc. I made Banana/egg loaf and butternut squash fries and he won’t touch it. I’ve resorted to setting a timer and making him take sips of juice/water. He’s drinking water all day (not a lot but keeps sipping).

I’m kind of at a loss here. I’m not sure what to do. He becomes pretty mad and combative when I offer him the juice or anything else.

Any advice you could lend to this scared and confused momma?

Thanks, Trisha

My thoughts:
I had the opportunity to speak with Trisha on the phone last night. I suggested that she skip the intro diet and stages and go straight to the basic diet. I also told her that as with my son, and many others I have heard, the first couple of weeks you start feeling drained and fluish. My son was laying in the bed and fluish and at the end of his two weeks he just woke up the next day and was his old self again.
Although my son started the SCD diet at age 10 for Crohn’s Disease, I have seen other beneficial changes. My son is the “active” child! He has never been able to sit still and read a lengthy book. After starting the diet he is alot calmer and reads assigned school books. We have seen alot of improvement that is hard to explain.
I discussed with Trisha also to learn to be creative with the legal foods. My son loved have “Banana Foster” (Bananas sliced into skillet with butter, honey and cinnamon). I recommended doing like we did. Go through your grocery store and buy one of all the legal fruits and taste them and also dehydrate some of each and see which one your child likes. Justin’s favorite was the drived pineapple! It’s a must try!
I’m looking forward to hearing your comments! Good luck, Trisha! Please keep in touch!


4 thoughts on “Mom Trisha Question – My Son Isn’t Eating!

  1. Trisha,
    my heart goes out to you. When we started, I kept thinking how hard it must be for parents with autistic children to follow this diet. Have you looked on the pecanbread website ? They have lots of suggestions and ideas on how to get kids to eat. We made popsicles from juice and water, my son refused to drink juice, but he would have a popsicle. And I made homemade jello and cut it out with cookie cutters, same thing, he refused to try the jello, but when they were in a heart shape, he gobbled them down ?!?! Those were ideas that came from pecanbread, it seemed silly to me when I read it, but it sure worked. And there was a lot of bribery, a small lego set for doing 2 days, a slightly bigger one for 10 days,….
    Good luck.

  2. Hi Everyone! Just an update! Yesterday (Monday) my son started to eat butternut “fries” and today ate banana (both of which he NEVER touched). He’s perking up but can tell he’s still feeling not himself. We are forging forward and hoping to keep expanding our diet. I should add that he was EXTREMELY self-limited on foods before the diet so going into it was a little tricky.

    I will keep you guys updated incase there are any more mommas of ASD kiddos going through the diet. It was a little scary because he was losing so much weight and was extremely thin beforehand.

    I’ve ordered a yogurt maker and dehydrator so I’m excited to try more things!

    Thanks for the help!


    • So happy to hear things are going better and you sound much better!!! Thank you for updating us and giving us an ASD perspective. Please keep in touch!

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