If you have started the SCD Diet you know that SCD becomes part of your life. I promise for those who are just starting out on their SCD adventure that it does become part of the family and begins to “fit in” and it does get easier. I started this blog to make it easier for us moms to keep in touch and get support. I have had many moms thanking me, but I honestly think I have gotten more out of this blog than anyone else.

I cannot stress to each of you that follow or visit this blog how much a support person/group makes this easier. If it is just bouncing ideas off each other, getting advice, or what I believe can sometimes be most helpful, someone to just let you know you are not alone and give you encouragement.

I want each of you to know that there are lots of blogs out there that get money for advertising, etc. I get no money for this blog. I am here to help others who are going through what I have been through and what I’m currently going through. I’m seeking support from others as well as offering support. I appreciate each and everyone of you who comments and leaves your advice and opinions. I know we are all busy! But PLEASE do your best to leave comments as often as you can. AND if you have a favorite recipe, tip, advice no matter how small or large, PLEASE share it with us! You NEVER know how many people that stop by the blog that you might be helping!

I have made many friends through my SCD adventure. Kathy, Angie, and my best-friend Wendy, have been my biggest support from the beginning of my son Justin’s SCD adventure. I cannot thank them enough.

I still talk to Wendy just about every other day. Both of our sons are still on the diet. And after being on the diet for over 3 years we both still have plenty to talk about! Just last week Wendy, her husband and Cameron got to stop by and visit us. Cameron just graduated from high school! Congrats, Cameron! I hate I didn’t coral my son, Justin, to get in our picture. He’s my busy body in the house! Lol!

I encourage each of you to get envolved with our blog. Let me know if you have something you would like posted to share, a recipe, advice, or if you have a question. And I thank each of you who have reached out to us. I hope more of you will start commenting to help these moms that are reaching out for help! And if you have any ideas or advice for the blog, this is your blog too! Please don’t hesitate to contact me! Thanks!!! (



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  1. I am the official crybaby follower of this blog!! LOL!! I can’t even begin to tell all of you how grateful I am that Paige is so generous in sharing with us through this blog. And I thank God daily for her support and her dearest friendship. God has blessed me with “a sister from another mister”!! LOL!! I want to encourage you all to actually try some of the recipes (they’re GREAT!) and also to stick with the SCD and be encouraged. I pray for all of our children daily and you too, because we all know how disheartening, scary, confusing and helpless it can feel being a parent of a child who doesn’t always feel well. Let’s keep this blog going and spread the word!! Because Paige SHOULD get paid for running this blog and maybe we can help make that happen with our support. Much love, peace and healing to you all!! Smooches!! “Chef” Wendy

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