“Christmas In July” Giveaway!!! Enter today!!!

If you have been following our blog for very long you know how much I love the Digestive Wellness website! My 13 year old son loves their snacks, cookies, etc. They are a great website and I have always had great service, easy ordering, AND very quick shipping! I can place an order and have it at my door step in two days! I love it! I honestly cannot think of anything we have ordered that we didn’t like.

I wanted to show each of you how much I appreciate your support and feedback! I get lots of “Thank You’s”, but you keep me going on the SCD and give me lots of support as well. I thank you all! Please keep it up! And thank you to Digestive Wellness for helping me show you how much I appreciate you!

xmas n july

Thank you so much to Digestive Wellness for their great website, service, and SCD products! Every time I shop online there are new SCD legal products to try!

Digestive Wellness is giving our lucky winner a great treat of their Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, AND an assortment of kid friendly snacks, bars, and candy! (Free Shipping!) This is an awesome way for your child to get to try a variety of their treats and see which one is their favorite!


1. Visit the Digestive Wellness website – http://www.digestivewellness.com (there is always a quick link here on our blog on the left column)

2. Comment on this post telling us what your child’s favorite Digestive Wellness product is AND also share with us which product you are looking forward to trying! (If you have not gotten the opportunity to shop with Digestive Wellness yet, share with us one product you find on their website that you think your child would love!)

3. To enter you MUST be in the United States.

4. Deadline is midnight “Christmas In July” – July 25, 2014!

5. Our winner will be announced in a post by Monday, July 28, 2014, so make sure you are following our blog so you will get an email with the winner’s name! The winner will be responsible after their name is posted by emailing me at scddiet4kids@gmail.com with their contact information so your giveaway can be mailed to you. If I have not heard from the winner by Monday, August 4, 2014, at midnight, I will draw a new winner.

I am not eligible to win, but I will get us started with an example!
My son’s favorite Digestive Wellness product, if I had to choose one, is the Mango Fuit Strips. We would like to try their Pizza Crust!

Enter today!!!


14 thoughts on ““Christmas In July” Giveaway!!! Enter today!!!

  1. I would love to win this! I keep checking their website and all the wonderful things they sell. It is difficult to keep homemade ketchup, mayo etc as well as all the homemade snacks. My time is limited as we have 6 children and homeschool, anything helps! Trying these products would be an amazing blessing !

  2. My daughter’s favorite DW product is the canned peaches. We are excited to try the Duck Sauce with meatballs for an appetizer. Thanks for doing this, Paige!

  3. My son’s favorite treat from Digestive Wellness are the Honeydrops. That’s what he has when other kids eat candy or when he needs a little pick-me-up cause it’s tough going. I would love to try the ketchup, my ketchup making skills leave a lot to be desired and crazy kid eats ketchup with everything. When he accepted homemade ketchup when we started the diet, I knew we cleared a big hurdle. Don’t think we could manage without it. Thanks Paige for your continued support.

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  5. I would love to try the crackers! I’ve tried to make them, but that’s a whole day job just to make a couple of boxes worth

  6. We haven’t tried anything from Digestive Wellness yet. Honestly it is very hard for me to justify the shipping all the way to CA. I know that is out of their hands but it still is a big hang up for me.

    Aside from that my son would love to try the ketchup. He really misses that a lot and all my attempts to make it have utterly failed.

  7. My son’s favorite are the honey drops and the ketchup ranks a very close second. We’ve tried many things and been happy with most of them. We would love to try the croutons because he really misses those!

  8. Without a doubt, my favorite product is their almond flour. We have purchased what could be a small mountain of it and everything we bake with it turns out great. I would love to try their combo pack of bread just to try the different favors.

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