Cauliflower Tortillas

I just ran across this video for a recipe and how to for Cauliflower Tortillas. It’s always hard to find a recipe for tortillas that hold together good. They make these look great! Can’t wait to try them!

So many possibilities with tortillas! Quesadillas, burritos, soft tacos, sandwich wraps, etc. Which reminds of me a wrap recipe I ran across the other day! I will go look for it! Enjoy!

Cauliflower Tortillas


2 thoughts on “Cauliflower Tortillas

  1. Hi all
    has anyone tried the cauliflower tortilla yet?
    Just wondering if you have, any suggestions?


    • I haven’t heard if anyone has tried them. I will try them eventually. I buy Paleo wraps and use those for tortillas wraps for sandwich wraps, burritos, fajitas, etc. They are made out of coconut. Search Paleo Wrap here on the blog and there should be a picture. I get mine either online or at a local health food store.

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