When your child refuses to eat SCD – Mom Question???

Mom Nicole would like our advice. Please read her story and question below and leave a comment. I know I have spoken to a few moms who have had trouble getting their children to eat at the beginning. I am hoping you can help Nicole. And even if you do not have experience with this, perhaps you have some ideas or advice. Her child is younger than most of ours that I have talked to. I appreciate any advice you can leave! Thanks!

Mom Nicole wrote:
I am looking for some help. I just put my 20 month old son on SCD and it is not going so well.

We were on GFCf for about a month when his dr recommended we get a little stricter… so here we are.

My son was only eating cheese, waffles, crackers and pasta up until a month ago.. so he is def in shell shock.. and he is refusing to eat any of the legal foods. He just throws it right off his high chair tray!

I slowly started to integrate the foods at first and when that wasn’t working I decided to go cold turkey, but he is refusing all foods! He even lost a pound.

I am just looking for some real moms input. My dr said to keep strong but I am so nervous and hate to hear his belly growling. Did you go through this? Do you know of any moms who have tips or advice?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


My thoughts:
I spoke with Nicole on the phone the other night. I hope some of my advice has helped. I encouraged her to stick to the diet as well. I told her to try to get creative with the foods and keep trying to get him to eat. I recommended trying smoothies if she could get him to drink them and maybe sneak an avacado in there if she can to add calories. I shared with her how to make homemade fruit strips in the dehydrater and maybe drying some fruits and seeing if would eat them. I also told her to look for a recent new strawberry cupcake recipe that was posted. Maybe he would eat that.
And after thinking some more about it, I know from my children’s friends and keeping children that there are ALOT of picky picky eaters out there! So don’t think that just because your child won’t eat something or eats the same thing all the time that it’s necessarily because of the SCD Diet. That’s the way ALOT of children out there are.
Good luck, Nicole! And please keep in touch and let us know if you need anything else. I am hoping other moms will leave you some helpful advice!


7 thoughts on “When your child refuses to eat SCD – Mom Question???

  1. Hi Nicole,
    I know this is hard but keep at it. I don’t know if he used to eat chicken nuggets but I make the coconut breaded ones from against all grain and my kids love them. U can even put coconut flour on them twice instead of coconut flakes… Just a thought. I would also try spaguetti squash… It gives that pasta texture. Stick with it… Kids palate needs to develop and somewhere I read that kids need to taste 10 times to like it so don’t give up. He will it! Some are more stubborn than others…. Once he gets there, he will be a great eater much easier to than trying to convince the 12 yo to eat well. 🙂 good luck!

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I think Gisele is right, once you get him going and find things he likes that’ll just be what he knows. Have you looked at http://www.pecanbread.com ? They have lots of good ideas on how to get picky eaters to eat. Some of the suggestions seemed a little silly for my 10 year old, but they worked, e.g. he wouldn’t eat jello, but he ate jello that was cut into shapes. My son is a bit picky too, but we have found things he likes and are going with that. We use the almond flour waffle recipe from comfybelly,com, maybe if it looked familiar ? nomorecrohns.com has a great pancake recipe and my son loves the apple pie treat from there too. I have wasted lots of time and money making stuff he wouldn’t eat, but eventually we found stuff that worked. How about turkey meatballs ? We also make ice cream from homemade yogurt. Paige suggested dried pineapple that was a big hit too. Hang in there and good for you to give it a try. Paige has been a great support to me and you are lucky to have found her.

  3. Nicole, keep persevering…it will get easier!
    Maybe you could try legal “Jello jigglers”, make fruit chews (recipe on Paige’s blog, I think.) or make fancy yogurt fruit parfaits: layer fruit, honey, yogurt, etc. In a glass cup so he can see the colors and layers. I have a pretty good coconut pancake recipe, syrup and jam recipe, if you’re interested. My daughter sometimes has almond butter and jam pancakes. She loves them. What about scrambled eggs? Try making a “picture” with different foods on the plate. She likes “grilled cheese” using Paleo Wraps on the blog as well. Good luck! I’ll keep thinking….

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