Praise Report & Question from Mom

Woohoo! A great report from Mom Urte! Thank you so much for sharing!!! And she also has a great question. I would like for you all to leave your thoughts as well!

Mom Urte wrote:

We finally did some bloodwork (mostly to check on med side effects) and all but 3 of Peppi’s markers came back normal. After 2.5 month on SCD, I’m sure you can understand how elated I was. It makes all that work worthwhile.

With this good news, I am now hoping that we can start decreasing his meds sooner rather than later. What I am wondering, since you never did meds with your son – did he ever have a full-blown flare after you started SCD or just smaller set-backs ? If so, how did you handle them ? Just curious, because I am such a worry wart and have a tendency to get freaked out pretty quickly.

My thoughts:
I’m so happy for you and your family! Yes! It makes it all worth while! My son went through the dying off stage after being on the SCD diet. His bleeding got really bad during his “dying off” stage, then he was fine. Has your son experienced the “dying off” stage yet? Everyone I have ever talked to has had a different time frame experience with this. Everyone is unique. Justin did occasionally for the first year or two have a spell of some bleeding. But each time it would eventually be revealed that he had been sneaking and eating something he wasn’t supposed to eat.
Please remember that every one has stomach aches, sickness, bleeding, etc. I had to learn that even when your Crohn’s child is feeling bad or has a stomach ache, or has diarhea that it’s not necessarily because of the Crohn’s! Everyone gets sick! Just take it on as if it were your other healthy children. Don’t freak out. Keep on track. If it is because of the Crohn’s you will eventually figure it out. But look at every ailment as a normal illness or cold. And if it is from the Crohn’s, sometimes you might never realize what food or item caused it. But that is one reason I highly recommend keeping a strict diary.
Keep up the good work!


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