Back To School Breakfast

So I reposted my waffle recipe yesterday. I highly recommend taking half a day and making a bunch of batches of these and freezing them. I was worried since some of you didn’t remember that recipe that some of you might be getting forgetful like me and I might remind you (as well as myself) of some good breakfast ideas. And PLEASE share with us by commenting below other breakfast ideas! I LOVE when someone shares new ideas! I could use some myself!!!

I really like this! I think it is quick and easy!

Almond Flour Waffles
Here’s this recipe again for anyone searching for “Breakfasts” and come across this blog.

OMG! I’ve got started looking for some good breakfast ideas and there are so many! I will give you the names and you can enter them on the “Search” section on the left column. Yumm!!

English Muffins -Has anyone tried these? I haven’t yet, but want to! They look yummy!
Bacon Pancakes – I haven’t tried these either. But these look like they would be interesting for the kids!
Banana Bread – A favorite of mine! A good idea to make and freeze when the bananas are almost ready to throw out.
Banana Mug Muffin – A quick go to breakfast for Mom and easy for a kid to make too!
Breakfast Cookies – I think these are another recipe that would be good to make and freeze when you are tired and want a quick breakfast or extra option to offer the kids when they don’t want what you are offering! 🙂 You know what I’m talking about! lol
Biscuits – You could freeze these, too! Add some butter or jelly or honey! Or make a sausage patty and add egg or cheese. I’ve been craving jelly and biscuits lately.
Cereal – Justin and I loved this so much the first time I made it that we made ourselves sick on it! Lol It’s great for a snack or for breakfast. Justin eats is with almond milk or coconut milk or dry.

SO many good things! Be sure to look under just the “Recipe-Breakfast” section for even more good ideas! These are only a hand full of our favorites. I need a bigger freezer!


2 thoughts on “Back To School Breakfast

  1. Hey Paige,
    Thanks so much for this post. Austin is getting tired of eggs already and we have only been in school for 4 days. I have tried the almond waffles many times and he does love them. I plan to try several of these this weekend and hopefully fill the freezer. One thing I know for sure…..I have to be prepared to pull something from the freezer or we won’t be able to succeed. I have resolved myself to the fact that weekends are for cooking. Don’t forget that blueberry (or other fruit) muffins are also a good breakfast and can be made ahead of time.

    Good news is that we have only been on SCD (strict SCD) for 2 weeks and I can see an increase in Austin’s appetite. Hopefully the inflammation is going down some.

    Thanks to all who contribute to this site. I feel much less overwhelmed knowing others are making this work.


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