School Lunches

It’s “back to school” time here in Atlanta! Most parents are excited for the kids to go back to school. Not me! I like my children being home during the summer. The school year is SO busy and goes by so fast! And “back to school” means it’s time again for one of my most dreaded mommy chores! PACKING LUNCHES! Augh!

During the school year I pack lunches for my husband and three kids. It might not be SO bad, but each one has to have something different! Maybe that explains why I don’t look forward to it. My husband wants the same thing every day pretty much. But I try to mix it up for the kids so it’s not the same thing every day. And then throw in the SCD lunch and it get overwhelming sometimes. I must say the biggest tip and lifesaver with my SCD lunches is having frozen cooked/grilled meat in the fridge at all times in case I don’t have any leftovers of something easy to grab for a school lunch.

PLEASE share with us your school lunch ideas! I could use some myself!

Here are some ideas of mine:
* grilled chicken legs in the freezer
* cook a ham and cut in thick slices – great for sandwiches and a favorite of Justin’s – ham & cheese kabobs (maybe stick some grapes on there too!)
* crackers/ham/cheese (I still haven’t played around with the crackers and found a good recipe. Do you have one?)
* lettuce wrap – mustard, cheese/grated cheese, ham/meat/bacon, any other veggies (tomatoes, avocado, etc.)
* Paleo wrap sandwich/burrito (spread some peanut butter and put some sliced apples and roll up)
* apples w/ peanut butter & raisins
* sandwiches (peanut butter or ham/turkey & cheese, or egg, etc.) I usually spend a whole day making a triple batch of mini sandwich buns and freeze them. They usually last a few months. Easy to grab and toast for morning sandwiches or lunches!
* salads (My children are at the age they like a good salad! Be creative and make it fun for them! Grated cheese or make fun star shapes of cheese and meat on their salad. Add some nuts or strawberries! We like olives on our salads. Tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Yum! And filling!


One thought on “School Lunches

  1. Yum!!! You just made me hungry!! LOL!! And guess what? I had to pack a lunch today for Cameron!! Go figure! But I love your ideas and I’ve used them too. Now if I can only get him to eat salads!! ARGH!! Thanks as always Paige, you’re the BEST!! Smooches!!

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