Have a Happy & Safe Labor Day!

I just wanted to jump in and say HI! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! I also wanted to take a few minutes to share a little about myself. I feel like I should apologize also, especially to one mom (you know who you are). It has been SO busy around my house with the beginning of school and…. I have an in home daycare and run a small door decor (wood/burlap door hangers/murals/crafts) business out of my home as well. (If you are interested in getting to know me better you can email me and I will send you my door decor blog link.) My craft business has really picked up lately with orders and I have started doing paint parties. This has been a great blessing, even though I stay busy, because it is helping us to make ends meet after my husband has been laid off for four years now. So I apologize my mind has been elsewhere and I haven’t posted/shared things here on the blog like I should. I have lots of recipes I would like to sit down and type up and share. THANK YOU all for your feedback on the Cracker post! If you haven’t looked at this post recently, please go read the comments! We got some great tips and recipes. I will try to post those soon. Usually if you see a quick post it’s because I can do those from my cell phone while sitting in car rider line or while sitting on the floor playing with kids.

Thank you for being patient with me! And PLEASE continue to share and keep in touch!!!


2 thoughts on “Have a Happy & Safe Labor Day!

  1. Paige….you are amazing. We appreciate all you do for us. Thank you! Don’t beat yourself up…We’re all busy and we totally understand. So glad to hear your side business is doing so well. šŸ™‚

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