PRAISE REPORT – Katie’s Great Test Results!!!

Thank you, Mom Jody, for sharing your daughter’s SCD story! It is always an encouragement to other moms to see what this diet is capable of doing in our children’s lives! I am so excited to hear how great she is doing! Please keep us updated!!! And keep up the awesome work, Jody!!!

Mom Jody wrote:

I just wanted to update you on Katie’s SCD journey, with outstanding test results. I’m hoping that this bit of information will provide evidence of this diet’s efficacy as well as great encouragement for those of you just starting this difficult, tiresome journey. Many of you are probably wondering if all of this work in the kitchen, time researching and reading labels and sweat and tears is worth it. Well I’m here to tell you, “YES! It most definitely is worth every second of it!” Katie’s Calprotectin test results came back today, and they are reason to celebrate: <15.6! We are getting labs done tomorrow to check her SED/CRP, levels, etc. I can only imagine that they are also within a normal range too. *(note: Katie's CRP levels have always been within the normal range)

Here is just a snapshot of our journey with Crohn's Disease:

-On Nov. 21, 2012, our 9 year old daughter, Katie, was diagnosed with Crohn's. (mild/moderate) By Dec. 1, she was put on Prednisone, followed by 6MP (all of which we were against, but were given no other options for treatment.) SED rate continued to bounce between 39 (@diagnosis) to 19, 16, 18, 36 (July 2013).

– August 2013, we took her off of 6 MP and followed a holistic approach, seeing a Naturopath beginning in March 2013.

-Sept. 2012 -flare (rectal fissures, much pain, a very small amount of blood and some diarrhea) SED 19, so GI doc said we didn't have to do a Calprotectin (which we had never done in the past)

-Oct. 2013 (motherly instinct), although she seemed out of the flare – I thought maybe we should do a Calprotectin test for a baseline…486, with 168 being the high end of normal. (GI doc said 2 months, retest labs and Calprotectin)

-Dec. 2013 – SED 36 and Calprotectin 1208! Now I panic. Obviously, holistic isn't cutting it along. Naturopath sends us to Integrative Doctor in St. Louis (Dr. Yu).

-Jan. 2014 – Dr. Yu treats Katie for parasites (Over the past month of so, Katie seems to be getting thinner, a bit pale, fatigued, etc.)

-Mar. 2014 – Dr. Yu treats Katie for bacterial/yeast overgrowth and gives herbal parasite supplements…we start dabbling in the SCD diet based on Katie's IGg allergy test results done at Dr. Yu's.

-Full swing on the SCD Diet (Thank you, Paige, for encouraging me 🙂

After being on the SCD just 1 month, SED rate came back at a 15! The best it had ever been, even on 6MP! We chose to wait and continue the diet for a few more months before redoing the Calprotectin. We knew Katie was feeling better…between Dec. and April she had gained 10 pounds, more energy, made it through the whole soccer season with barely any complaints, had better coloring and the sparkle was back in her eyes again.

This is the first Spring/Summer, Katie has not needed environmental allergy medicine. She used to be on 2 Zyrtec/day, 2 r/x eyedrops/day and Nasonex 2x/day for as long as I can remember. I used to have to carry an ice pack and wet washcloth in my purse to put on her eyes because they itched so badly….not this summer! She was also retested for an anaphalactic peanut allergy and her number was down to 1.72… she last tested at a 7.75! This diet and holistic approach to Crohn's yields amazing results!

August 2014…Calprotectin: less than 15.6. Thank you God! We see the GI doc next week, so I'm interested in hearing his reaction to her test results. He told us from the "get-go" that diet had absolutely nothing to do with Crohn's Disease or intestinal healing. But we know it has everything to do with remission and healing and maybe even curing!

Don't give up! You can do this…we do this because we love our babies, and we don't want to see them suffer any longer. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it!


3 thoughts on “PRAISE REPORT – Katie’s Great Test Results!!!

  1. Thanks for Sharing!!!!! We all need encouragement everyone’s in a while. Thanks for reminding us that all our efforts are important!!!!

  2. , My name is Ana. I have read your story and am amazed with the results. I am starting my son on the SCD. He has UC. Today is the 3rd day of The Intro Diet.
    I wanted to ask you a question, since you have been on it for a while now. When should we introduce baked goods, like cakes, muffins, breads, etc…
    I am following the recommendation of pecanbread, but miss someone to offer me guidance.
    Would appreciate your assistance. I am in Lake Worth Florida.


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