Back to school is a busy, busy, busy time of year! It doesn’t get any easier with breakfasts and school lunches. Sometimes I get burned out! Getting up and fixing four different lunches AND different breakfasts every morning has me worn out before I hardly get started! Lol! How do you cope!?! PLEASE do share!!!! It’s the start of week 4 of school for us here in Atlanta and I’m already planning a “play sick” day! 😉 Lol! Not really! But it’s nice to think about it! With my luck as soon as I “play sick” I will be sick! No Lol!!!

This morning I fixed Justin some bacon. And I sent him out the door with some oj. I’m eating my “faux oatmeal” this morning. Have you tried it? I added some of Wellbee’s (Digestive Wellness) SCD Granola on top. Yumm!!! Some fruit would be good, too!

Want to remind you of our SCD cereal. Be sure to search for recipes or look under breakfasts. And when all else fails I keep frozen SCD waffles in the freezer! And a smoothie is always a quick go to! The options for smoothies are endless! My favorite with smoothies is adding some avocado to add some calories. I bought a big bag from Sam’s and cut them up and froze them to throw in a smoothie!

Your homework this week moms – Email us ( or comment with your school lunch AND breakfast ideas! Pretty please!!!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast???

  1. For breakfasts, I stay ahead by making various muffins and freezing them. Recently I adjusted a “normal ” sausage bread recipe into an scd one. It has sausage and bacon in it which makes it heartier and the flavor is savory versus sweet (which my son gets tired of).

  2. Batch cook. The freezer is your friend. Also, we don’t differentiate foods by “meal” – something is a breakfast, lunch or dinner. We like to talk protein, fruits, veggies, carbs. My son often has a hamburger dipped in honey for “breakfast”. Keeps him full and paying attention.

  3. quiche. I use about 10 eggs, 3/4-1 cup yogurt. mix and pour over bacon or sausage, grated cheese and sautéed veggies. my son’s favorite is caramelized onion and bacon quiche. recipe calls for gruyere cheese but we substitute swiss as it is cheaper. also thanks to margaret for the sausage bread suggestion. just made one last night and my son loves it!

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