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Hi SCDers! Thanks to all who joined for the meeting yesterday. Included are some notes for those that couldn’t make it. I’ve also listed some links for inspiration on what to do for school lunches! Not all ideas are 100% SCD safe but are more for inspiration/alteration. Some ideas include dairy products, so as always double check ingredients!

Recommended products include….
A dehydrator! Less expensive ones work great too! With this you could make a chip out of any fruit or vegetable, beef jerkey, and a newly discovered purpose is to dehydrate cookies and baked goods! It’s common for baked good recipes to come out a bit too moist but throwing them in the dehydrator makes them nice and crispy! This would be nice for lunches and snacks to go. Waiting to see results of doing that to bread slices!

Another way around soggy sandwiches at lunch is to grill…

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