Mom Rachel Question – PLEASE take a few minutes to read!

From Mom Rachel:

My daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed with Crohn’s in January of this year at age 9. After 6 months in remission, she had her first flare up in July. Steroids and the SCD diet were started simultaneously. She was slowly weaned off steroids in September, but never fully bounced back to normal. Now, one month later, she is in a full flare-up, running to the bathroom with diarrhea several times a day. I’ve changed her diet to limit food intake to stews, soups, and bone broth. But nothing seems to be helping. Has anyone else experienced this? Has your child had to go back on steroids while following the SCD diet? Does anyone have any additional suggestions?


11 thoughts on “Mom Rachel Question – PLEASE take a few minutes to read!

  1. Hey Rachel-

    My daughter, Anna (age 12), was diagnosed with Crohns in April. I am researching the SCD diet as an option for treatment but we started with enteral nutrition and currently my daughter is doing well. Please feel free to contact me any time if you want more information. I am so sorry for what you are going through and completely understand.


    • Hi Amy, is enteral nutrition only administered in the hospital? Or is this something that can be ordered and adminstered at home? Thank you for your feedback 🙂

    • I would highly recommend the SCD DIET. After my daughter was on steroids (2 1/2 months & 6 MP for 7 months) after being diagnosed at age 9 (Nov. 2012), we removed her from all meds, was in a flare within a month, tried numerous holistic things and in Jan. 2014 began seeing Integrative doc in St. Louis and started SCD DIET in March. She is doing great. SED rate at 7 and Calprotectin at < 15.6 (down from 1280 in Dec. !!) It will be the best thing you can do for your daughter 🙂

  2. Enteral nutrition is not SCD compliant, but it is keeping her off the meds and, so far, is working. Can u email me directly? I would be happy to give u my phone # so we chat.

  3. Have you tried the intro diet exactly as it is described in BTVC? I can’t know this for sure, but my feeling is that staying on just soups could actually prevent things from firming up. We did five days of the intro diet including the dry curd (farmer’s) cheese and boiled/scrambled eggs. These foods seemed to help immensely, though prior to SCD I wouldn’t have thought of them as easily digested.

  4. Sorry, I keep thinking of more that might be useful. It took about ten days on the diet for the diarrhea to subside. My daughter was 8 at the time of diagnosis last January. She has been solidly in remission since the diet kicked in, and strictly on the diet.

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