Kid’s SCD Blog – Ideas Moms?

Hope everyone has had a great Spring Break!  I am going to start working on the Kid’s blog!  Excited!  

I was hoping you moms could give me some ideas for it. I’m not perfect and knowledgeable on the whole blog thing but hopefully I can get it set up in the next couple of weeks. 

Any ideas would be helpful. Please don’t be upset if I don’t get your idea on the blog. Lol. I might not know how to do it. I was HOPING to see if I can figure out how to fix the blog to where all of the kids can post on the blog. For example, my blog now only I can post. If someone else wants to share something they have to email me and I copy it and post it. I think this would help the children all feel like it is their blog also and they will share more. I do plan on watching the blog closely and would appreciate help from other moms as well. I will make a note on the blog that an adult will be monitoring it. But, I think it would be a very good idea NOT to tel your children you look at it , as I think they would be cautious and reserved at being open and making friends here. 

What are your thoughts and ideas? 🙂


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