SCD Meals Prepared Fresh – Lifesaver for Moms!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long! Work has kept me BUSY!!! And as I am sure all of you moms are out there, BUSY, I have a GREAT tip to share!

We first learned about the SCD Diet from our GI doctor, who I believe was encouraged to try a study on the diet after her son had success on the diet. Kathy was ALOT of help to me when we first started the diet! I could never thank her enough!

Kathy now cooks SCD/Paleo meals fresh weekly. She has once again been a lifesaver to us!!! She texts me the menu for the next week and we let her know what or how many we want and we pick them up fresh at the beginning of the week. They are also GREAT to freeze! I use the meals for school lunches because they look SO much like normal foods for his social eating. They are great for my son to pull one and yes, sometimes, two out to eat when he is hungry. We keep up with his favorites and order double of his favorites when they are offered. I could NEVER cook this variety of foods for him with our busy schedule and cooking for others in our family at the same time!

Kathy offers a variety of great meals from jambalaya, spaghetti, enchiladas, chicken stir fry, and meatloaf with smashed cauliflower just to name a few. You can contact Kathy if you are interested at 404-694-9247! My son loves them all, but really likes the enchiladas!


5 thoughts on “SCD Meals Prepared Fresh – Lifesaver for Moms!!!

  1. Thanks Paige…I’ve been waiting for someone to sell fresh prepackaged SCD foods! Does Kathy have an email address or website?

  2. Hi all,
    I also order from Kathy for my 17 year old. Her meals have been such a blessing for us. I order weekly, and drive about an hour to pick them up, but it is so worth it to have SCD meals readily available for him. Time does not always permit me to keep “legal” meals prepared and Kathy’s meals help keep him on track. He has several favorites including her shrimp dishes, meatballs, enchiladas and the “mashed cauliflower to name a few. If you are close by and this is an option I recommend trying. Thank you Kathy!

    And, I need to thank Paige, who convinced me to try ordering, just to have a few meals on hand for emergencies. I am now a regular customer šŸ™‚


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