SCD Diet 4 Kids is a blog for Families who are following the SCD Diet to help their children control their symptoms from Crohn’s Disease, IBD, and other disorders.  Our group started as a small group of mother’s from around the Atlanta area who started an SCD Diet Test Study and has grown to include Mom’s and families from around the world.  This blog is our BFF while on this diet.  It is here to help us stay connected with other Mom’s and Dad’s and pass along what we learn along the way or have learned about the diet.  Here we share tips on how to make things easier for ourselves while preparing the SCD Diet for our children.  We pass along good recipes we come across that our children like.  And most of all this blog is here to offer support and encouragement, because we can all agree the SCD Diet is not easy. Please do not hesitate to contact me at scddiet4kids@gmail.com with any questions for our followers, if you need to vent or need some support, or if you have some recipes or tips and advice to share with us! Be sure to follow our blog and get updates when posted!


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  1. Looking for advise…. I’m new to the diet. My daughter got diagnosed last month and my son last October. Dr Gold suggested the diet for the whole fam as my husband also has Crohns. Anyway, I was trying to Investigate if yogurt Fage total would be considered “legal”. Below is their response.

    “We make FAGE Total All Natural Greek Strained yogurt using a proprietary process.

    First, the milk is pasteurized to destroy any harmful bacteria. Next, the FAGE Total live active yogurt culture is added to the milk. This culture is produced at the FAGE plant and helps to create the characteristic FAGE Total flavor.

    We use a slow fermentation procedure up to a predefined fermentation result.  The yogurt then undergoes a unique straining process which removes the watery-whey and gives FAGE Total its thick, creamy texture. Approximately 4 pounds of raw milk are needed to make one pound of FAGE Total yogurt. During that process some of the carbohydrates are removed.  The amount or carbohydrates contained in our products is referred in the Nutrition Facts Panel on the Packaging.

    FAGE Total is 100% Natural, though not organic. No added sugars, sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. No powder milk, cream or protein, no nonsense. Just raw milk, cream and live active cultures for a naturally blissful taste experience. In line with our All Natural approach to yogurt making, our milk and cream supply comes from farmers who have pledged not to treat their cows with rBGH*.”

  2. Hello
    My family will start the diet tomorrow. Really a little nervous even though I have been preparing for a couple of weeks.
    My son Matthew has *crohns and he’s 13 and in 7th grade in the brookwood cluster .
    We were extremely excited to be offered the scd diet through Dr. Cohen.

      • How is everyone doing???? Please keep us updated! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM EVERYONE! Justin is doing great! After a couple of episodes with a few “test” foods, he has decided he doesn’t want to try anything new for a while and wants to stay strict on the diet. I’m not arguing with him! Lol

  3. Wondering if any of you are going to Ccfa camp… If you are sending your child(ren), are you sending all the foods? We are going to the camp in WV. I’m a little upset how our dietary concerns have been handle. Menu on the first day, French toast and bagels for breakfast and pasta or pizza for lunch…. Tomorrow I have a call directly with the camp facility. Ccfa staff told me that they don’t handle special diets, that it had to be with the camp itself. Wondering if someone else has had this same experience. Thanks!

  4. How was chocolate for Justin? My daughter was curious… 😉
    Our entire family is on the diet since my husband and both kids have Crohns or Colitis. Last week, we celebrated our 4th month on SCD. Everyone is doing amazingly well. No symptoms!! Our daughter is off meds…yeah! Our son is on 1 med and hoping to drop it after our next appt in July.
    Hope everyone is doing well or improving everyday! I feel energized to keep with the diet every week that goes by. Seen everyone feeling good, reasures me that it does work for them.

    • When Justin tried chocolate he did have a reaction about 4-5 days later. I am not sure if the reaction was because of the chocolate or… “Fifths Disease” was going around school and my daughter had it the week before Justin has his reaction. The school nurse thought it was “Fifths Disease”. Justin broke out in a rash on his arms and seemed to be having trouble breathing (seemed like an allergic reaction to me). I did after 4 days of the rash take Justin to the doctor and he thought it was a reaction as well and put him on medication and it went away. We will try chocolate again one day to test this again. But we found it very strange that this happened after eating chocolate. Justin did not eat chocolate from age 3 until age 10 because we thought he was allergic to it, just to let you know his history. I definately wouldn’t eat too much of it at one time because of the sugar content.
      Sorry this doesn’t help too much!

  5. We did the walk two weeks ago and I was surprised that they did not serve anything but hot dogs, chips. Matthew was able to eat a banana and apple. Joy:(

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