Bored with the diet?

I’m posting this ONLY to help mom’s out there for when/if your child gets bored with the diet or starts sneaking and cheating. I just want to share this so you won’t be so overwelmed like I was!

My son, Justin, is 12 now. He will be 13 in December! OMG! That just crossed my mind and sounds scary! Sorry to stray there! I can’t believe it!!! Anyway, he is still 12 now! A year ago he started having some bleeding and cramps and he told us that he was being bullied at school to eat things he wasn’t supposed to eat. The first time was a girl in one of his classes finally pushed him to eat skittles. He had told us in the past that kids picked at him about his foods being different. So we talked to the teachers and go him moved at the lunch table. Looking back now, I honestly don’t know if this was a case of bullying or by choice and he was not telling the truth. We thought we had addressed the issue back then, but time only tells.

We have noticed pieces of pizza come up missing out of the fridge and evidence coming down to Justin eating it. Please read old posts and see that at we have made attempts in the past to add back some foods. Rice was NOT good! We have added sweet potatoes and he eats them regularly. Well, Justin has been pushing to try more. It’s scary to me! PLUS, not to mention after ALL the time and effort I put into the doing the diet for him!

A month ago, Justin admitted that he had cheated! Augh! He was gone with the cross-country team and on the way back they stopped at Chick-Fil-A. Justin knows there he should only eat the grilled chicken nuggets, fruit cup, and unsweet tea or he could have a salad with lemons and honey. Justin knows what he can and cannot have. He goes to his dad’s every other weekend and has at times had to point out to his father that something he had on his plate was not legal. Well, Justin decided to have a chicken sandwich, fries, AND a milk shake!!!! I almost passed out when he told me that! Justin told me about this on a Monday. He had eaten all of this on a Saturday! From listening to me, Justin thought that his symptoms would have shown up already after eating something illegal. Usually it shows up 3-5 days AFTER consummed. So I pointed out to him that that would not be until Tuesday – Friday. He was hoping since he didn’t have any symptoms that I would let him start eating this when he went with friends.

Justin never did mention having any side effects. But I do know that he is head strong and determined that he wants to be able to eat normally around others, so I would not be surprised if he hid it from us. I did call our GI doctor. We had stool samples and blood work run. Everything did come back normal. After seeing the doctor he also thought he seems ok. PLEASE keep in mind Justin has been on the diet over 2 1/2 years!

I had been told by one of Justin’s counselors at Crohn’s Camp, that Justin is old enough now that he needs to learn to “own” the disease. This counselor had been on the SCD Diet as a child and swore by it that it worked! But… He told me how Justin has to learn to own how he feels if he cheats. My punishing him for sneaking and cheating is not going to change things. He has to accept his flares/pains/bleeding IF he decides to cheat on he diet. This counselor now is not on SCD and is on medication, even though he knows the diet works, he chooses for social reasons not to follow the SCD.

So Justin and the doctor, and I guess me too, have decided that he can eat with friends once every two weeks and see how he feels. We will possibly do bloodwork and see the doctor in 2 months and see where we are. Justin did say that he wants to stay on the diet at home, but socially be normal occassionally.

I will keep you all updated on how things go! I predict that given this freedom he will end up cheating more than once every two weeks. But hopefully I am wrong.

I just hope that by sharing this it will prepare one of you for what is possibly to come! Keep up the GREAT work! I know it’s not easy! You’re a GREAT MOM!!!


AFTER One Year – Trial and Error!

I actually find it VERY hard to decide what new things to let Justin try!  You don’t want to ruin a good thing – no symptoms from being on the diet for over a year!  But you know how strict the diet is!  I will try to continue updating when we have tried a few things.  If only to help those who will be going through this soon!  Hoping this will give you some ideas of what to try and what NOT to try!  And PLEASE if anyone has any ideas of what you think would not be harmful and worth giving a try, email me! 

School is out for us and we have already been to Panama City Beach, FL, to see family there.  Justin has added some things into his diet on a regular basis.  

*  Justin uses Newman’s Light Balsamic Salad Dressing regularly. 

*  We take almond flour buns/sandwich bread and replace the bread on Chick Fil A grilled chicken sandwich.  He eats the grilled chicken bites that Chick Fil A has now. 

*  Justin eats the hamburger patties at Bobby’s Burgers and Five Guys Burgers.  They are made with fresh ground meat. 

*  Justin occassionally will eat packaged beef jerky, original flavor. 

*  I have let him have the “carved” turkey/ham lunch meats and high quality sliced ham/turkey lunch meats. 

*  Justin has tried the precooked sausage patties you just stick in the microwave. 

*  And I have cooked a ham steak and he’s eaten that for dinner. 

* Justin has had a whole sweet potato baked with carrots and a roast.

*  My oldest son had a chocolate cake for his birthday.  I would let Justin have one small bite at night if we were having a piece.

*  We found a new lemon muffin recipe Justin loves!  He used to love lemon squares.  So we make these muffins and I dust the tops with powered sugar.  He thinks he’s eating the “real” thing!

I make cut-out cookies every year for the kids school and ice them.  I found a great cut-out cookie recipe for Justin with almond flour and made him a dozen.  I iced and decorated a “few” for him so he could eat them with his classmates.  So he didn’t have the grain flour cookie, just the sugar icing on top.   The cookies were for Justin’s 5th grade graduation.

We have not seen/noticed any side effects from any of these things. 


Although we are seeing great results from these added foods.  We have had one symptom to report.  The last day of school, Justin’s class was having an ice cream party.  He begged and begged me for weeks before to let him try some ice cream.  Someone had told me about lactose free ice cream they ate from Krogers.  So I went to track down this ice cream.  When i found it, it just seemed to have too many illegal ingredients and scared me.  I read all the labels on all of the other frozen ice creams/sorbets.  I found one that was lactose free and did not have milk as ingredient, only whey.  Justin was SO excited to get to eat ice cream with his friends!  He might have had 1/2 a cup with pecans on top.  Four days later there was blood when he went to the bathroom.  So…. Ice cream is OFF our list!  Along with rice (grains).


Hello everyone!  I have finally decided to add a new category to our blog – “AFTER One Year”.  I have been trying to decide whether to keep my blog more general for everyone, with helpful tips, encouragement, recipes, etc., or to share my son’s day to day experiences now that we are to our one year mark. 

I had one mom ask me how Justin’s one year pill cam went.  Dr. Cohen said his intestines were perfect!  We have followed the SCD Diet strictly since February 14, 2011.  We were VERY excited to see that the hard work paid off!  So now that leaves us sitting here wondering what to do now?  Do we keep going on the diet for as long as we can hoping it will cure him?  Do we add foods back and jeapordize the good work we have done and possibly have to start over?  (And we all know how HARD it is getting started!)  What foods do we start with?  There were LOTS of things to think about!

I am going to use this new category on our blog, “AFTER One Year”, to share with everyone what I try for Justin and what works for us and does not.  And if any of the other mom’s out there that are at their one year mark, please send me what you are doing also so we can share with everyone!  Please remember that what works for one person, does not mean it will work for another.  But by doing this, I hope it will give light to the end of your tunnel working towards your child’s one year mark and help you come up with a plan and give you some ideas when that time comes.

We decided to start adding a few things back into Justin’s diet slowly and see what happened.  Justin loves eating healthy, but we know how restricting the diet is!!!  I had read somewhere when Justin was first diagnosed that this one Crohn’s patient was limited to rice.  I remember in “Breaking The Viscious Cycle” that sugar is not good for you, so I thought rice would be good.  Someone pointed out to me that giving a small portion to him one night might not actually cause any side effects.  I might need to give it to him a few nights in a row.  So I fed him one cup of rice on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.  (I’ve hears that it takes about 3-4 days for the food to go through the system and to cause a reaction.)  Exactly three days later, Justin was in the bathroom SCREAMING!  His bottom was swollen and red and it hurt badly to go to the bathroom.  He said he was staying on the diet and did NOT want to try any new foods!  I reasured him that it could have just been this particular food! 

To show you how great it is to talk to other mom’s in our group and for us to all communicate and keep in touch, I was sharing this with one of our mom’s, Wendy.  She remembered talking to Lucy, from Lucy’s Kitchen website, and she had told her that grains were one of the most important foods to stay away from.  I spoke to Lucy later and she said that Elaine, that wrote the book “Breaking The Viscious Cycle”, thought grains to be the worst.  Here I was thinking it would be sugar.  Lucy said with moderation, a little sugar would not hurt possibly, but to test it.  She also recommended trying potatoes.  (Then I remembered one thing that is legal, you can have a couple of pieces of bacon with sugar once a week.) 

So, our next food to try was sweet potatoes.  Justin has now eaten about 1/4 of a large sweet potato 5-6 times now and has not had any trouble or signs.  I have put butter and cinnamon on a bakes sweet potato.  I have made him sweet potato fries. 

One thing we have not enjoyed about this diet is when we are out or when I do not want to cook, there is pretty much nothing to drive thru and get for Justin.  I had read the ingredients in Chick Fil A’s grilled chicken breasts and their new grilled chicken bites.  There is sugar in their marinade.  We decided to try a salad there with the grilled chicken breast (he uses honey and lemon juice there for the salad dressing).  He had no reaction.  He has since eaten the grilled chicken bites and recently lightly dipped them in the polynesian sauce.  He has done great with this!

Justin LOVES salads!  Lucy had mentioned to me that the Paul Newman salad dressings might be good to look into.  So I bought the light balsamic and he has been eating that.  He has done great! 

For six months now, Justin has been looking forward to and counting the days to his “One Year” date!  He noticed it was around Easter!  So he has been asking for a chocolate easter bunny!  I did not think this was a wise decision, but I figured if he had a reaction he wouldn’t ask for it anymore.  Justin got a few one inch chocolate pieces (bunny, chick, egg) in his easter basket.  They were all gone within 30 minutes!  Justin ate all of the chocolate Sunday morning, and today is Thursday.  He has been to the bathroom everyday and has seen no signs.  Needless to say, he is excited!!!  (Please keep in mind that it was NOT a whole lot of chocolate for a person used to eating chocolate.)

I think this gets us caught up with Justin’s progress.  I will keep you updated as we try new things!  I hope this helps!  If you have any ideas, please email me!