Cleanse – While on the SCD Diet

I thought I had posted a blog on this topic when I first started, but it was brought to my attention today that I had not.  So please never hesitate to email me if you cannot find a blog answering one of your questions! 

Justin had a pill camera test after being symptom free for 3 months and after being on the diet for one year.  It is challenging finding things for them to eat while on the SCD Diet.  Below are the things I used for Justin.  Mom’s, if you have other items you have used or ideas, PLEASE comment on this post and share them with us!  THANKS!!!

During the cleanse with the Miralax Justin would have his Miralax mixed with white grape juice/club soda, homemade SCD lemonade (, or tea. 

The day before I made Justin one or two varieties of jello, made with the unflavored gelatine and white grape juice or homemade lemonade. Justin was eat alot of this.

I bought the honey candies from ( and let Justin suck on these on the day of his cleanse. 

I boiled a whole chicken the day before the cleanse and seasoned with salt, pepper, and chives.  (Use whatever spices your child prefers.)  And I did offer this to him.  He didn’t eat much of this.

I made some homemade popcycles from the white grape and SCD lemonade.  But don’t forget the tropical flavored Power of Fruit popcyles at Publix.

I hope this helps!  There isn’t much on the diet to offer, so it takes some planning to keep them busy and take their mind off of what’s going on so the time will go by faster!


Dying Off Stage – Mom ?

One of our mom’s sent the following question about the “dying off stage”.  Please be sure to comment below the post with your opinions!  This blog is not just about what I think!  Please!  And keep sending in your questions if you have them!  This blog is intended to help us all!

SCD Diet Mom wrote:

My son started his 6th week on tuesday. The d had gone away for the most part, with just a couple 1 time d.
Yesterday, hes went 3 times. Is this die off, or should we look further. I hate to be considering it die off each time.

I am going to answer this by what experience we had.  I remember that Justin seemed to be getting so much better and then one day he would be screaming on the toilet, and blood would be pouring out.  It was a disappointing set back at the time.  Looking back and from reading the book, it was the dying off stage.  Are you keeping a strict food diary?  I STRONGLY believe in doing this.  If there is a set back you can always go back and look to see if their was something new they ate, or look back the few times he has “d” and see if he ate the same thing everytime.  From keeping the diary, I was able to see and note that I needed to take Justin off of cauliflour at the beginning.  He can eat it now and it doesn’t bother  him.  Also on my food diaries I note when he has a BM and medications.  I think this is very important!!!  There is no way for me to tell you if this is the dying off stage or what is going on.  I encourage you to keep a journal of everything and keep strictly to your diet and do not give up hope!  And one day, your day will hopefully come that you will realize, it’s been a week, two weeks, a month with no side effects and see that you are on the road you were looking for!  And then you will find your answer and say, “Oh!  So that was the dying off stage they were talking about!”  When Justin was going through his dying off stage I was calling the doctor on call at 10:30 at night scared he was loosing too much blood.  And now looking back it was just the dying off stage.  Keep up your good work!  You will not regret it!!!


Everyone is asking… big is the PILL CAMERA!?!  My son, Justin, has been on the diet one year this week.  I can’t believe it!  It was SO hard at first and now time has flown by!  SCD Diet seems like part of our daily lives.  Below is a picture of Justin with the pill camera before he swallowed it.  I am hoping by posting this it will give everyone a better idea of what to expect and prepare.  Justin has never had too much trouble swallowing it, but like I’ve told everyone, a “girl” went in before his first time doing it and she did it.  So that was all the motivation he needed!  

When Justin had his first pill camera a year ago, the findings finally helped Dr. Cohen diagnose Justin with Crohn’s Disease.  After being on the SCD Diet for three months, his next pill camera showed perfectly healthy intestines!  I will let everyone know what his one year pill camera results show!!! 

Ketchup – Must Have

We finally got around to trying the new ketchup from!  Justin LOVED It! 

I received an email that they now have bbq, after I had already placed my order.  But I would definately grab a bottle of that if you place an order.  And let us know how you like the bbq!

I ordered the bottled icing from  We were not happy with that at all.  It has a strong coconut flavor.  Justin didn’t even want to try it.  I do not recommend that.

Yogurt VS Ice Cream


I have discussed the following with numerous mom’s.  Hope this helps!
I have been on SCD now just 2 months. I would love to try the ice cream recipes. I know when you use the yogurt in baked goods it kills the live bacteria that are supposed to be so good for you. Does the same thing happen with freezing or is the live bacteria still helpful? Thank you so much.

Hi! Thanks so much for writing. I’m glad you’re on the diet! I also wondered about the same question and just researched it and found this answer on

Does freezing yogurt destroy or alter the effectiveness of the live cultures?”
You can freeze a cup of yogurt. A cup of yogurt that has been frozen and thawed will have a different look and texture than fresh yogurt. The cultures become dormant when frozen, but once thawed either in the refrigerator or by your body heat when ingested; they will become live and active once again. There will be a few cultures that do die, but there are so many billions in our products, that it is truly insignificant.”

I usually have a cup of yogurt a day in the morning either in a smoothie or with honey and fruit. In addition to that, I enjoy some SCD vanilla ice cream  when I have it on hand. Probably eating some regular yogurt in addition to ice cream would be the best idea to make sure you get all of the bacteria you need. Elaine Gottschall recommended eating no more than 3 cups of the SCD yogurt a day, because of the higher levels of galactose in yogurt that is incubated for 24 hours.

Take care,

Fresh/Frozen/Dried Fruit

Fresh fruit is legal, but it is recommended that the fruit be ripe.  Bananas should have lots of black spots.  Lucy from Lucy’s Kitchen highly recommends for those with chronic diarrhea to eat only cooked fruits at first, no fresh or dried fruits.

Almost all “dried” fruits in the stores have sugar added, look for “freeze dried” fruit, no sugar  is added to those.  I recently found the dried fruits shown to the right that are legal in apple and apricots.  Sunmaid raisins are also legal.  (When you are reading some of these labels it may say an ingredient is “sulphates” , this means it has been exposed to sulphur to keep the color from darkening.  This is legal.)

You can find “freeze dried” fruits at some Publix (Sensible Fruit, found in fruit produce section), Walmart (Fruit Crisps, found in individual packages and multi-pack box), Target (Funky Monkey). 

You can have fruit in a container/can if it is stored in it’s own juice or in water.  After reading the labels I have found “Dole” brand to have the most SCD legal canned/packaged fruit (the competitors “in their own juice” variety had illegal ingredients).  

Unsweetened applesause is also legal.  Read the labels carefully because not all brands are legal!

It is worth buying a dehydrator to dry your own fruit!  I highly recommend getting a food dehydrator immediately!  I ran all over looking for one and I could have bought one online and had it shipped to my house faster than I found one.  I finally found one at ACE Hardware.  I have also seen them at the Bass Pro Shop.  You can also purchase a tray to go in the dehydrator and make fruit leather, which is like fruit rollups.  Dehydrators are also great for making SCD legal beef jerky!

With the dehydrator you can dry all kinds of fruits!  Justin ate the dried fruit like candy!  His older brother and I have even started eating it!  The dried bananas are great!  Justin’s favorite is dried fresh pineapple!  You have to play with the dehydrator to dry the fruit out to where you like it best for your taste.  For example, Justin loves the pineapple not too crispy because it makes it chewy.  Be sure if you are dehydrating apples and pears that you dip them in fresh squeezed lemon juice (and I sprinkle cinnamon on them).  I am just now finding a lemon juice in the organic section that is fresh squeezed lemons with no preservatives and additives at Publix.  After I have squeezed more lemons than you can imagine!  I was SO excited!



All vegetable oils that I have found, contain soy and soybean oil which is illegal!  Most canola oils  also contain illegal ingredents except for a few, but canola oil is legal but not recommended. 

Use olive oil when frying and cooking!!!   

(Olive oil can be pricey when cooking alot and frying.  The best buy I have found for olive oil is at Sam’s)

I have not found a cooking spray that contains ALL legal ingredients.  Some mom’s have told me that have an olive oil sprayer, similar to the one pictured here.  This is on my Christmas wishlist.  I recommend getting one of these.