The Woodward Family Journey

Everyone is welcome to share their SCD story! Thank you to the Woodward family not only for sharing their story, but also for all of their hardwork with the Woodward Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation!
Our family’s journey with Crohns and Colitis has been a long one. Our son Jack (10) was diagnosed with Crohns in October 2011 after years of symptom and initially thought to be Colitis in 2009.
Our daughter Kristina (12) was diagnosed with UC in February 2012. The news of having two children with IBD was devastating. I couldn’t believe Kristina had UC as her symptoms were very atypical. She only had joint pains, normal labs and ocasional belly pain. Dr had even told me “I usually don’t find anything when we scope after having normal labs” but with the family backgroung lets make sure. What made the diagnosed even harder was that my husband has Crohn’s too since 1989. I have seen his up and downs through the years. All the meds, all the surgeries, all the struggles were foreshadowing in my head. I had no idea how I was going to manage it all. I was completely overwhelmed when Dr Gold at GI care 4 kids gave me the news. I just sobbed.
It took me a week before I could even tell my daughter about the result because I couldn’t talk about it without crying. However, at the time of diagnosis, Dr Gold told me if I would consider SCD diet. We talked about it and at that moment I think I knew this was the path we would take. I felt that we had no choice and we had nothing to loose.
A few weeks later we came back, to talk about the biopsy results and treatment plan. I have had a family talked prior to the appointment with the entire family. We agree to go on the diet, including myself. We would do it all together.
It has been almost 2 years, Feb 4, 2012, since we started. Kristina is in remission and never went on medications and gained 23 lbs in the last 1 year and 11 months. Jack is also in remission although he is onPentasa. We tried to take him off and he had a major flare. Jack had gain 21 lbs after a whole year prior to the SCD diet of no weight gain and no growth.
Prior to our kids diagnosis, we had done a number of fundraising events for CCFA. Now that we have 3 with IBD we felt that we wanted to have more control were our fundraising effort would go. So in October 2012, we got non-profit status for our own Woodward Crohns and Colitis Foundation. Our goal is to fund non-pharmaseutical research. Our first goal is to help GI Care for Kids and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta raise the necesary funds to take the pilot research to a full clinic trial research. To date we have raised over $70k.

After covering expenses of any initiative, a 100% of the fund are been reserved for this SCD research.

It has been an challenging but rewarding journey so far for the entired family!

Gisele Woodward
Woodward Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
~ Together for a cure!


“Crohns Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Justin”

favejw - Copy
Please visit the SCD Lifestyle website – – to see a story written about my son, Justin, and his SCD Diet journey. Justin is 13 today! He will have been on the diet 3 years in February!

When I first started this blog years ago, there was just a handful of us mom’s looking for help and guidance! We each shared our stories here on the blog. It was a nice place to express our feelings, concerns and to vent our frustrations. It helps us all to hear that we are not alone and that there are others out there going through the same emotions and struggles each day. Our blog has grown and there are alot of new Moms and Dads! Please take the time to email me your story, and a picture if you like, to I will post it here on the blog to share. You never know how much you and your child’s story could help someone else.

Each of you have helped me and my family’s SCD journey more than you will every know. Having this blog has helped me to stay strong and focused. I have also made great friends here. Please do not hesitate if you ever want to talk. Email me at with your phone number and I will call you. And if you ever have an idea for a post or would like a question posted for other Moms and Dads, email me.

Happy Holidays!


Social Network for Crohn’s Disease

Thank you ALL mom’s for ALL comments and feedback! You never know when something you have to share/vent/question might help someone else!

Thanks Mom “ML” for sharing the following website/article with us! I hope everyone finds it interesting!

She also shared the following social network for Crohn’s Disease:

I joined today! It looks very interesting and it was easy to sign up! I also followed the blog! They just interviewed Steve & Jordan! Let us know what you find there so we can make sure we find it, too! I will try to get on soon and do more investigating!

Real quick moms… Please be sure to come back to the blog and read the comments on each post! There have been some great feedback and questions! You might be able to help out! THANKS!

Please note –

Hello everyone!  Hope you have all had a good week.  And I’m sure we are all looking forward to this nice cool weekend ahead!

I posted a new website I found last week, digestivewellness. com (listed in my links to the top right of your screen), and told you how some of the things were that we ordered.  I wanted all of you to know if you are planning to order anything any time soon that they have some upcoming holiday closings.  They will be closed September 28-30 and October 7, 12-21.  So you need to call if you want to get an order in!  They ship very quickly and you will get your order in about 2-3 days after your order. 

I have already reordered the crackers, jam, fruit leather, honey candies, and Just Fruit bars!  Justin LOVED all of that!  (Please note – the Just Fruit bars I mentioned in my earlier blog that they were small, they come in a bigger size, about the size of a Laura Bar.  They are pricey, but Justin likes them ALOT better!)

Hope to hear from you all SOON!  Have a great weekend! – Order Has Arrived

It was just day before yesterday that I discovered the Digestive Wellness website.  My order has come in and I have a little feedback for you incase you were looking to place an order soon.  Here is what I ordered and my first opinion.

*  32 oz. Vanilla – large amount for the money.  Only $12.99.  Looks to be good.

*  Pure Honey Candy – hard candies to suck on.  I ordered the lemon flavored.  Justin LOVES them!!!  MUST HAVE!  I’m trying one.  It’s good to me, just different because I’m not used to the honey flavor.  Justin might eat the whole bag tonight!  I would order more than on bag for the first time!

* Fruit Leather – we haven’t open that and tried it but they look good.

*  Just Fruit Bars – VERY SMALL!  For $1.35 each, I was very disappointed!  About 1/4 the size of a Lara Bar!  But Justin did like it alot!

*  Apple Chips – Justin said the Subway variety was ALOT better!  These are like freeze dried, kind of foamy.  We taste tested the plain.  We haven’t tried the cinnamon yet.  I would think the cinnamon ones are better with the flavor probably.  Got the large party bag as well as the small.  The party bag wasn’t too much bigger.

*  Blueberry Syrup – disappointed in the size.  Didn’t realize it was 8 oz. for $5.95.  Haven’t tried it yet.

*  Baked Goods Sample Pack – tiny cookies and baked goods.  One I tried wasn’t too good.

*  Almondine Crackers – Justin likes them, but they came mostly broken in pieces.  I wasn’t too impressed with the flavor.  At first I would have said I wouldn’t have ordered them again, but…we ordered pizza tonight and I didn’t have time to make a dough for Justin and make him pizza.  So, I threw the marinara sauce I also bought on top of the crackers and then some grated cheddar and swiss cheeses and it was a big HIT!  He ate about 8 of them.  If I’m ordering again I might would order some more of these for some mini pizzas!

* Marinara Sauce – just put a small amount on the crackers to make a pizza and Justin seemed to like it.  Kathy said she has tried this before and her son didn’t like it.  So I guess it’s a preference thing.

*  Jam Sampler – the one we did taste was DELICIOUS!  Justin lit up and wanted more!

Hope this helps with your ordering!  Let us know what you get and how it is!!!


SNACKS…  It seems like our children are eating CONSTANTLY while on this diet.  It can be hard to come up with different ideas for them to snack on that satisfy them when they were used to such good treats before.  A few of our mom’s were really wanting some great new ideas.  So here are just a few ideas of mine.  Mom’s, PLEASE comment with your ideas and what great snack ideas you have come up with for your children!

*  Lara bars – – You can find these as most grocery stores and Walmart.  I have found them in bulk for a great price at Sam’s.  I have also found them in snack sizes.

* – This is the new website I commented on yesterday that I found.  I ordered alot of new snacks for Justin to try from here.  I will let you know how he likes them.  Everything from Just Fruit Bars, Honey hard candies, fruit leathers, scd granola, dried fruit, apples chips, blueberry syrup, jams, crackers and cookies.  I’m excited about this website.  I thought the prices were reasonable.  Let us know what you think and what you find that your child likes!

* Dried fruits – If you go to the digestivewellness website mentioned above and go to snack bags, there are numerous bags of freeze dried fruits.  They have some of these at our local grocery stores.  The Funky Monkey is at Target, the Sensible Foods at select Publix, and the Crisps are found in individual packets or bulk at Walmart.  You can also dry your own fruit at home.   When I first got my dehydrator I bought one fruit of all the fruits I could find and tried drying each of them so Justin could try which ones he liked best.  His favorite is dried fresh pineapple.  I have found it cheaper to buy the pineapple already cut up at Sam’s.  I cut them length wise in different thickness.  I take them off the dehydrator when they are crispy on the edges and not crispy in the middle.  They are kind of like taffy candy.  He LOVES them.  I buy bananas at Sam’s and dry them until they are crispy and these are like chips.  The first time I did a big zip lock back of the banana chips they disappeared and I found my teenager had gotten them and finished them.  I also cut up apples and dip in lemon juice and cinnamon and dehydrate.

* Beef Jerky – While we are talking about the dehydrator, let’s mention beef jerky.  One butcher told me london broil is best and one told me eye round roast.  The butcher at Publix will slice it for you if you tell him what you want it for.  I sprinkle it with salt and fresh ground pepper.  The last time I lightly sprinkled it with cheyenne pepper and Justin really liked it.  Experiment with your spices and what flavors you child likes best. 

* Apples w/ Peanut Butter

* Pork Skins – I’ve heard alot of the kids are like Justin with the pork skins.  They are great at the beginning of the diet for something like potato chips, but they get burned out on them.  Let them enjoy them!

* Cookies – Monster Cookies seem to be a favorite.  The recipe is in the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book.  There are lots of cookie recipes out there.  Email me some of your favorites and I will share them with everyone! 

* Smoothies – You can make these out of yogurt or we get a smoothie from Smoothie King that Justin loves made of orange juice, ice, banana, and honey. 

* “Muffins aren’t just for breakfast anymore!” –  I’ve been making various muffin recipes lately and Justin will eat at least 5 a day.   He loves them for breakfast and snack.  I will share those recipes in a later post.

* Banana Foster – This is what I call a night time snack I made up for Justin and he LOVES it.  Melt a couple of tablespoons of butter in a skillet.  When melted drizzle honey and sprinkle cinnamon.  Slice a banana and spread out in butter mixture.  I just cook the banana about one minute on both sides.  Then pour the bananas and butter sauce in a bowl.  He has also eaten it with yogurt before.  The more butter the better!  We have sometimes done two bananas he likes it so much.

* Grapes/Raisins

* Sugar Free Applesauce

* Coconut Macaroons – Whole Foods has a container of these that are legal (in a yellow round jar).

* SNACKS WHILE YOU ARE OUT:  Need snack ideas while you out shopping or running errands and need an idea.  Here are a few of mine.  Chime in mom’s and tell me what you’ve found out there.

     * Chick-fil-a – fruit cup

     * Subway – new snack bags of apple chips

     * Grocery store/Walmart – Lara bar

     * Publix – fresh fruit bowl

     * Smoothie King – smoothie (most Smoothie Kings I have been to will show me the containers and ingredients so I know what is going into the smoothie.  We get a smoothie made only of orange juice, ice, banana, and honey.)


Flat Bread/Sandwich Bread Recipe

I found this recipe while browsing one day.  Justin loved it.  I thought it smelled and tasted good also.  It is so EASY!  Justin likes to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  Angie’s son has made ham sandwiches, grilled cheese, and she even said her comment the other day it worked well for french toast!  Let us know how your child likes it.

SCD Flatbread Recipe

  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups blanched almond flour
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon natural vanilla (make sure there’s no added corns syrup!)

Beat eggs in a large bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Place a sheet of wax paper on a 9 x 13 cookie sheet and spray with Pam. Spread batter evenly on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. After it cools, cut into 16 pieces.

Another recipe I happened upon for sandwich bread.  Let us know if you make it and how it turns out!

Jennifer has sent me a website you can go to to purchase already prepared SCD Diet legal baked goods.  You can go to  This website will also be added to our links at the top right for future reference.  My goal here for the website is for each of us to help each other succeed on this diet and make it easier for each other.  Some of these prices seem pricey.  I’m hoping we might can pass along a few EASY recipes that are also DELICIOUS.  Another think I’m hoping to touch on at some point are some ways to help us cut costs!  Tomorrow I will post an easy AND delicious recipe for blueberry muffins.  Justin has LOVED them!  He would eat 5 a day and more if I would let him!

I got lucky today and found this website –! Be sure to browse through what ALL they have to offer!  They have honey candy to suck on, vitamins, flours, jams, apple chips…  I ordered some things yesterday and we will let you know how they are!  Let us know if you order and what you think is work buying!

Barb showed me a website she found –  It looks GREAT!  It’s one of those websites you MUST explore!  There are lots of good things from tips to recipes.  If anyone finds something that stands out to them or something they try and love, let us know!